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Gov’t Remilitarises NW, SW Regions To Avert Anticipated Attack, Jails Drunken Soldiers In Buea
Posted on  : August 10, 2017, 11:57 am
In recent days, more troops and soldiers have been assigned and dispatched to the two anglophone regions of Cameroon, to subdue an impending attack. The military men are acting on a suppose ti p and intelligence gathering that the towns, especially Buea will be attacked by Southern Cameroon nationalists. To this effect, the government has dispatched hundreds of troops who are currently exercising to respond in case of any attack.
Author : Andrew Nsoseka A N  |  
Category : News
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SW Chiefs Kick-Off Motion of Support Caravan, After Anglophone Detainees' Release
Posted on  : September 1, 2017, 2:24 pm
Some chiefs and self declared opinion leaders in the Southwest region of Cameroon, have kicked-off the political move of sending motions of support to President Paul Biya for releasing Anglophone detainees, a move which some of them had objected, but now have praised it, since the move had been taken. Most politicians in Cameroon especially of the CPDM have shunned the aspect of demanding anything from the government, and are contented with anything the president does.
Author : Andrew Nsoseka A N  |  
Category : Politics
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56years after reunification: Anglophone Crisis pushes gov’t to celebrate October 1
Posted on  : October 3, 2017, 8:04 pm
An almost forgotten yet very symbolic date was for the first time celebrated in Cameroon. Even though the celebrations were marred by bloodshed and pain in one part of the nation and animated by staged-gatherings in the other, political analysts have described it as a step in the right direction.
Author : Amos Fofung  |  
Category : Politics
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