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Vera Sompon Drills Youths on Leadership Skills
Posted on  : August 24, 2018, 12:00 am
Young people in Cameroon have been urged to take up collective actions that can help them succeed in all aspects of their lives. This was echoed during a press conference organized in Yaounde, Saturday, August 18, by the Cameroonian born Vera Sompon, a university lecturer in Germany and a motivational speaker.
Author :  Sandra Fomuso   |  
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At the Crossing
Posted on  : February 13, 2018, 12:00 am
There come moments in life when we find ourselves at crossroads, having to make critical decisions that will either make or mar our future. Every human on earth is at the mercy of the inevitability of such a time. I call it ‘being at the crossing’. The university graduate who freshly spewed out of school into the job market must strategize, must carefully map out the way forward.
Author :  By Declan Forjong Mbecha   |  
Category : Inspirational
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Agreement of the Faithful For Cameroon
Posted on  : October 10, 2017, 12:00 am
Please join me to pray for peace and tolerance to flood the minds of our leaders and cause a great cosmic shift to reverberate across the whole nation. The Killings and growing genocide can only be stopped when we invoke divine power to come down from heaven.
Author : Decan F. Mbecha  |  
Category : Inspirational
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The failed mission of opposition political parties in Cameroon
Every political system needs a vibrant opposition to call to....
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Possible Environmental Impacts of a Massive tank Explosion in the SONARA oil Refining Company
SONARA also known as Société Nationale de Raffinage in Fre....
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Environmental Heritage: Achu Delicacy
Achu is the traditional meal of a number of ethnic groups of....
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Explosion & Fire outburst at SONARA’s Production unit! Toxic Spills & Environmental Hazards feared!
According to a communiqué dated June 1, 2019 and signed by ....
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Open Letter: Barr. Jean Atabong Fomeni Rebukes Human Rights Commission for Disrepecting Bilingualism Policy
'Is “Access to Information” Not a Human Right?' is the s....
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