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Feutcheu FC Fulfills Tradition, Gives Kameni a Ball
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Posted on February 13, 2020, 12:00 am
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The Cameroon Professional Football League(CPFL)  failed to give Deric Kameni the match's ball after he scored four goals on Tuesday in Bafoussam.

Kameni's goals earned his team Feutcheu FC a remarkable win against the Yong Star Academy.

deric kameni

According to the football tradition, once a player scores three or more goals in a match, he goes home with the match's ball. But it was not the case with Kameni as the CPFL broke this tradition.

However, the reason for CPFL's action remains unknown. But many says it could be that the organ is faced with financial constraints. But still argue that, it would have been responsible if they had given an excuse and probably make a promise. 

 Nevertheless, Kameni's team, Feutcheu FC fulfilled the tradition and Kameni has been given a ball days after the match.

feutcheu fc

Kameni has become the second player to score four goals in a single game in this season of the Cameroon League one Championship.His goals earned the team a 4-2 win extending their unbeaten run to seven games.

deric kameni

With the remarkable win for his team, with just four goals, Kameni Deric has been moved to the circle of the lead scorers. But he is still kept away from the lead scorer, Leon Boyomo who has 10goals

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