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Gender Empowerment and Development (GeED) Organization
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Posted on November 26, 2019, 12:00 am
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On Friday and Saturday of November 22nd and 23rd of 2019, the Gender Empowerment and Development  (GeED) Organization hosted a conference at Feuguill Hotel, Mini Ferme, Yaounde to educate teachers on School Related Gender Base Violent (SRGBV).


The vision of GeED, a non-governmental and non-profit making which is already a registered organization to improve the lives of women and girls. They aim to do this through capacity building, empowerment. The organizational has been legally functional in Cameroon since 2004.

The event that started at 9am on Friday November 22nd 2019 aimed generally, at training teachers on the mitigating process of SRGBV in their various institution.

Equally, they underwent training on how to give first-hand counselling to victims of violent. This could be in schools or in the community they are coming from.

GeED Training

The use of slants or insults, which is mostly used on girls’ sexual parts like breast, buttocks was discouraged. This is because is bring down their morals and at times discourages them.

Given that, a great number of persons are aware of the societal ills and drawbacks we are faced with in Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. The organization was determined to empower participants with the knowledge to at least manage gender base violence in their communities.


The teachers were also nurtured with knowledge on how to manage conflict as well as stress. This is because GeED believes that, in all, the violent generate from homes. It backs just from our roots of inheritance.

To be able to identify these causes of violence manifested today, participants were first sensitize to sensitize victims that, they are not at any fault. This is because traumatized victims of gender base violence, often believe that, they have somehow caused it.


However, they have partners and people of good will who like the vision and determined to help. With this, they fund their activities like conferences and workshops.

It should be noted that GeED holds major workshops at least four times in a year. They have two workshops once every two semester with every stakeholder of the academic maileu. That is, school administrators, teachers, school delegates an every stakeholder.

They have previously worked in the North West and South West. But presently, they are mostly functional in the Litoral and Central regions.

GeED equally holds workshops with students to teach them on how to manage their peers.

They equally hold sessions with parents to sensitize them that, education starts at home. And, they are called to better manage it, so as not to generate or influence SRGBV while the children are in learning institution.

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