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SPORTS ON WHEELS. Douglas Achingale Handi-Basket Tournament
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Posted on November 21, 2019, 1:26 pm
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The maiden edition of the Douglas Achingale Handi-Basket Tournament was launched in Yaounde on Saturday 9th November 2019 at the Basketball court of the Center for the Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (known by its French acronym as CNRPH ) in  Etoug-Ebé, Yaounde. The tournament, which has been billed to run over a period of two consecutive Saturdays, is sponsored by Mr. Douglas Achingale, the Deputy Director General of CNRPH.


The tournament to run on 9th and 16th November 2019 at the CNRPH basketball court is made of four teams: All Stars, Wheel Stars, Young Stars, and Real du Centre Des Handicapés D'Etoug-ebé. Three matches will be played. In the first game, Wheel Stars (under the coaching of Francoise Xavier, the Cameroon National wheelchair basketball coach) defeated All Stars.


 Douglas Achingale was appointed by a presidential decree on 16th July 2019 as the Deputy Director General of CNRPH. Mr. Achingale, who himself goes around with the aid of a wheelchair, is noted for his philanthropic activities and his motivational activities aimed at giving hope to those that have lost it.


After his installation on the 24th July this year, Achingale declared in a CRTV interview that “It’s a moment of joy, moving from one position to another especially when you experience a promotion. But I’ll soon have to let the joy die down, so that I can start working “. The launching of the Handi-Basket tournament is a sign that Mr. Achingale does not only talk the talk but also walks the talk.

Douglas Achingale Handi-Basket tournament.

Having in mind the myths that surround persons with disabilities, Douglas Achingale emphasized on the benefits of the tournament saying “ Sports for disabled people is a factor of social integration, it reduces isolation, brings about acceptance of others, it reinforces fair play, eliminates some prejudices that persons with disabilities may have, it is therapeutic as far as functional rehabilitation is concern, it increases self-confidence, optimism and makes the disabled courageous”.

Being the maiden edition of the tournament, he called on all interested in the promotion of the right of the disabled to join him in raising them as far as sports is concerned.

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