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'Manipulated in the Rightful Way' says EX-COMBATANTS-MAJOR NATIONAL DIALOGUE
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Posted on September 30, 2019, 1:33 pm
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Yannick kAWAH, Head of the Ex-combatants at the Major National Dialogue, Yaounde Conference Centre, during the opening ceremony spoke on behalf of the ex-combatants, highlihting reasons for which they took up arms and the realization that caused their turning back.

Ex-combatants- Major National Dialogue

 According to Kawah, they chosed to stay and fight in the bushes because, they were marginalise.They were the unclassified citizens. And also, because there is no job in their Fatherland for the anglophone.

He equally stated that, most companies in the country and even in the anglophone regions are dorminated by francophone emplyees. This made them feel dissapointed even as degree holders. Concours in the country, he said were descriminated upon against anglophones. Kawah cleared that it is worst even at that, this is practice even in the in English Speaking Regions, like Buea.

They surrendered and came out because the government encouraged them. And, they could not continue the fight against the government. At this, he said, it is better now, that the government is aware they are not happy.

He called out that, there should be a balance in job opportunities; companies should be circulated and not concentrated in the francophones regions. 

However, he stated that they were 'manipulated in the rightful way'

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