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The Demand for Didactic Material Still High. What Cause?
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Posted on September 20, 2019, 10:00 am
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 It has been three weeks since school resumed in Cameroon but the queue for basic school needs in shops has not the least been limited.


 Given that a lot of people in the conflicting North West and South-West had hopes of school resumption this year. Most of them have just realized the fruitless hopes. While some officials donate Didactic Material to enable school resumption in the NW and SW, many are presently rushing to fit in children into available chances elsewhere in the country. Majority particularly seeks refuge in the cities of Douala and Yaounde.


The Cameroon 2019/2020 school year started on September 2nd   2019. But even so, parents and guardians, even school s are still into buying the basic school necessities. However, this has resulted from a lot of factors.

Cameroon has been using the Basic Competency Approach system of education for years now. And, following its adaptation, there has been a tremendous increase in didactic materials. This makes the purchase heavy on sponsors, especially with the ongoing crisis. For it has crippled even the circulation of money. Hence, sponsors turn to buy in shifts following a scale of preference from vital to the least item as time goes on.


Equally, a remarkable cause of the increasing demand until now for didactic materials is the insecurity and complete lockdowns of schools in Anglophones zone. Some of IDP’s students came very late into resumption. And presently, numerous are migrating to other towns where they have relatives hoping to attend schools. Given the crisis, the rate of poverty is high for the displaced-it becomes difficult to meet up. Given that the prime reason was survival, they escaped with nothing. And, has to start from scratch to go to school.

The general outcry of poverty is presently common amongst Cameroonians. This is especially at war zones where the money is not even accessible in most banks. So, the present financial difficulties have greatly influenced this long-lasting queuing in markets. However, amongst those still purchasing school needs, IDP’s make up the highest percentage.


The late publication of books has caused an unending demand. Schools take authorization on selected textbooks from the ministry of education.  The ministry’s delay in publication immediately causes delay in schools’ hand out of book list. So, the queuing till date in markets is equally a ministerial faulty.

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