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Navy Custom Respect their Promise, Over 5000 Liters of Illicit Fuel Tracked Again.
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Posted on September 19, 2019, 11:47 am
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The efforts put in place by the navy customs (HALCOMI) to halt illicit trade seems to be undermined by the illegal trade dealers. In the early hours of September 9th, custom duties in collaboration with the navy succeeded to track down two vessels estimated to contain over 5000 liters of illicit fuel.


It is yet to clock two weeks since a vessel was caught illegally sharing fuel with a boat on the waters. Head of operation, Victor Mpegva, said this is the fourth time the custom is laying hands on illicit traders this year. This act highly accounts for the slowdown in the activities of legal operators in the fuel industry.

The traffic of petroleum products in the high seas is a crime that the government has been fighting over years now. This is due to its devastating effects on both the economy, water bodies and habitats.

The fuel is said to have been smuggled from Nigeria and destined for the Cameroon market. Meantime, investigations are going on in a bid to discover who is fostering such acts. It should be noted that this fuel is causing more harm than good as it is said that the destruction of some car parts is partly caused by the mixture of water and fuel.

This happens exactly when the Minister of Water and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba discovered illicit fuel at the Dibamba petrol station, in Douala, where he stopped by to fuel his car. The HALCOMI officials assure that they are putting in all efforts possible to put an end to this trade. This disappointing discovery costed the immediate shutdown of the station as ordered by the minister.

However, officials say, the seized fuel will be thoroughly examined before use, meanwhile, the minister urges the custom officials to stay awake to make sure this problem is resolved.

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