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Hints of possible link between BAS and Anglophone Struggle sparks heated Debates
Category :- News Author :- By Francis Ekongang Nzante 
Posted on July 23, 2019, 12:00 am

Same tendency has been noticed among progressive French Speaking Cameroonians who have not failed to notice this link. Among the demands of the BAS Movements in their multiple demonstrations in Europe, they have not failed to request for the liberation of Political Prisoners and for a solution to the root causes of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

However the insinuation of a possible link between the two have resulted into very passionate debates from extremist quarters like some restorationists who will go for nothing less than a complete secession of the two English Speaking Regions from the rest of the country.

According to a certain category of English Speaking Cameroonians the BAS Movement is dominantly made up of people from the Bamileke tribe. This mind frame holds that “Bamilikes dont want the Ambazonia dream to be realised as that would frustrate their political ambitions in La Republic Du Cameroon. The Bamileke minority wouldn’t be able to fight the strong North- South political axis in the absence of their Anglophone allies of the grande Ouest.”

Another category is that which wants Biya to quit the throne at all cost. This category still believes in the possibility of Cameroon as a nation. This category despite all has a strong support for BAS because they “wouldn’t like to see Biya or his surrogates at the helm of things in Cameroon with or without Ambazonia.”

This school of thought believes that Bamilikes are brothers who should be helped to gain freedom from Biya as Anglophones are gaining theirs.
There is however a category of Anglophones  who insist that “when the crisis started members of BAS who were then speaking on personal accounts said Anglophones were disturbing. Now that Maurice Kamto was arrested and his victory allegedly stolen, they now see reasons to support Ambazonians because they believe that pressure from both sides will cause the government to free the leaders.”


To many and truly so, the Anglophone crisis is more than just another national problem. One English Speaking Cameroonian this reporter reacted anonymously in the following manner: “To my understanding,  the problem in Southern Cameroons is a legal, constitutional international issue linked with the UN, France and Britain. It is a problem which can only be solved internationally.Switzerland has offered her services to mediate and the UN, EU, US, UK have given their push. However the case of Maurice Kamto is an internal political problem and it’s not new. Kamto is not the first political leader to go to jail. It will be selfish for any group to link the Kamto arrest with the over 57 years old story of Southern Cameroons. It shows greed,  selfishness and short sightedness”.

This gentleman calls on BAS to instead call on the “former African Heads of State to hold the so called symposium on the political situation of Cameroon. The armed conflict is more than them.”

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