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“Shisha Destroys More Than Tabaco” -Health Experts
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Posted on July 23, 2019, 2:42 pm
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Shisha is made up of tobacco, sugar and fruit flavorings. It is smoked through a water pipe that is heated by charcoal to produce smoke. The smoke from this pipe is said to contain uranium which targets mostly the kidney. Kidney damage has been seen in humans and animals after excessive ingestion of uranium compounds.
Originating from India in the 15th Century, shisha has become a near worldwide phenomenon. It was smoked mostly in the Arab countries, but the practice is fast gaining grounds in many countries around the world. In Cameroon, it is still seen as a high-class practice and many youths are using it to replace the commonly smoked cigarettes.  
The top booming bars around the city of Yaoundé are now known for providing shisha services. It has become some sort of challenge among the clubbers. Bonajo, a classic night club situated at the Biyem-Assi neighborhood is well known for its quality services. A frequent customer of this club says that one can be allowed to buy and own a shisha at the cost of 15000 CFA Francs but for the ones owned by the barmen, they are only rented at a price range of 2500 CFA Francs to 5000 CFA Francs, depending on the quality.
 He added that it has become the most prestigious smoking practice around the city. Top birthdays have been marked these days by the practice. The guys believe that this is what shows their status to the girls who come running after their invitations for outings.
Following the trends of life has become more important to youth than the worth of living right and healthy. A 20 years old girl at the Bonas neighborhood in Yaoundé claims that partaking in such acts of life is a way of living her youth. If she misses the stage, she misses the freedom life offers. To her, life is all about trends, so she won’t afford to be left behind in any new fashion.
However, medical experts have reported that the shisha pipe contains a higher level of nicotine and tar than that in cigarettes. Dr. Noordin Wadhvaniya, a respiratory specialist at the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai, discovered that shisha smokers are likely to inhale 6 times the recommended amount of uranium.
Contrary to cigarettes that damage only the lungs, shisha causes devastating damage to the kidney. From the findings, shisha does not just damage the respiratory tract, but creates respiratory irritation and accumulates fluid in the lungs as well. Dr. Wadhvaniya added that, with just one puff, a shisha smoker inhales an equal amount of smoke that a smoker will take in from smoking one cigarette stick.
In Abu Dhabi, scientists have found that shisha pipes are by far a threat to health than cigarettes. Together with other scientists, Ms. Ayesha Mohammed, a chemistry lecturer at the University of Sharjah, discovered that shisha pipes have no filters. This allows toxic metals to quickly enter the lungs, causing varied infections such as lung and oral cancers, and cardiovascular diseases.
If Tabaco kills three million people every year, as reported by the World Health Organization, what will become of this death rate if shisha is proven more dangerous than cigarettes? Given that the chemical effects of smoking, in general, are deadly, Cameroon joined the smoking ban but over 60% of youth still smoke across the country, seeing it as an act of belonging.

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