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Back to School Efforts Pick up steam despite Continued Uncertainties
Category :- News Author :- By Francis Ekongang Nzante 
Posted on July 23, 2019, 2:28 pm
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Every segment of society is joining the increasingly lengthening School Reopening Caravan as count down ticks on. Against this trend, “Conservative Extreme Restorationists” have come out to condemn the increasing popularity of “School Reopening Efforts” branding them as “Government Sponsored”. This not withstanding, Back to School Efforts are increasingly being endorsed even from unexpected quarters surprisingly close to the nucleus of the “ Restorationist Movement”.
From his prison cell in Yaounde, Mancho Bibixy, the man who started “the Coffin Revolution” alongside another former inmate and globe trotting Barrister, Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy for Africa have been fuelling this campaign geared towards School Reopening. Apart from these two, Social Crusaders like Barrister Nico Halle and a host of many others including Journalists, Lawyers and countless individuals mostly parents and educationists have seized every possible opportunity to reiterate the necessity for schools to fully reopen in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.
However, considering the Sociopolitical landscape in the two Regions in question lots of arguments have been pouring in, some supporting and some against the Reopening of School doors for the 2019-2020 Academic Year in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.
In reaction to the claim that “Back to School Campaigns” were sponsored, by Government some have fired back saying that “even if the campaigns were sponsored what about those who owned Bank Accounts overnight because sponsors on the other end are sponsoring them.” “Time is coming when all those who are also refusing school resumption because they are sponsored from abroad will be exposed” another concerned observer piped in recently.
Most of the heated debates that this reporter gleaned from social media platforms, radio slots and through reactions from people in the field for a couple of reasons are presented here anonymously for the purpose of bringing the picture in focus.
Some have labelled the “Back to school Campaign as “Advocacy for children’s rights to Education” This mind shade holds that if you start requesting for ceasefire as a precondition it might sound political. Passing through advocacy for children’s rights to education makes it easier to achieve the same goal of a ceasefire since people need to be alive to go school. Inherent in this line of thought is the fact that we cannot talk school without the ultimate right to life. This group of people therefore argue that due the importance attached to the education of people it is  necessary to abandon school boycott first before engaging in other campaigns. Though this mind frame has always incorporated ceasefire to guarantee life for the children, circumstances have pushed them to accept the inevitable. In Cameroon, School boycott was used as a strategy but for sometime now  it has become useless and they need to allow schools to resume so they can use other strategies. “School boycott has been counter productive since the crisis metamorphosed to an armed conflict. I tell many people that, it was the right thing to do, boycott. But now it’s counter productive and a means of self infliction” another back to school advocate quipped adding that if you were a fanatic to the struggle then it would take you a while to see things this way.
Meantime sources close to educational stakeholders of the Northwest Region indicate that a Situational Analysis of destroyed schools in the basic and secondary and vocational training sectors have been done.
The statistics according to sources from the Regional Delegation of Communication have been forwarded to the appropriate quarters.
“Using the examples in Sudan , Afghanistan etc the stakeholders have reiterated there’s need for the capacity of guidance counselors to be reinforced to reintegrate the minds of children once schools resumes come September. Even the government accepts that excess security around campuses needs to be curbed since security doesn’t necessarily mean the stationing of military forces at the doorsteps of each school” an official from the NW Regional Delegation of Communication explained.
Reacting to the claim that the back to school campaign was government sponsored, an advocate for school Reopening said “I campaign for Back to school out if conviction. I don’t need a franc from anyone. So allow us do what we believe in. Stop tagging us with..sponsored things”.
Those caught in between the need for schools to rezume and loyalty to the Anglophone Struggle insist on the need for schools to respect ghost towns when imposed.  This insistence also comes out of concern for the security of kids.


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