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74 smuggled vehicles seized in Yaounde
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Posted on July 23, 2019, 2:23 pm

The seizure came within the framework of the “Halcomi Operation”, dubbed “Stop the Illegal Trade” launched in Cameroon by Government Authorities in a bid to crack down on any clandestine products in the country.

Operation Halcomi has been divided into 3 zones. The first zone is concentrated in the Littoral, Southwest, West and Northwest Regions. In these regions, 7 vehicles were seized. In zone 2, which includes the Centre, South and East Regions, 11 vehicles fell into the nets of the Halcomi III Operations team. In the last zone, composed of the Adamaoua, North and Far-North Regions, 54 cars traveling without documents were confiscated.

The meeting of the Central and Decentralized Services of the DGD revealed that the third phase of this experiment was a response to the string of denunciations and complaints filed to the Minister of Finance against unfair competition and subsequent devastating effects on business sectors and companies, notably the Cameroon Sugar Company (Sosucam); the Cameroon Cotton Company (Cicam); Oilseed Growers Association of Cameroon (Asroc) and Tradex, this reporter learnt.

Furthermore, the balance sheet of this operation in terms of compromised duties and fines shows a general total of nine hundred million eight hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and twenty FCFA (900,812,820), the Customs Services reported.

Out of the vehicles seized by customs officials, there was also an interception of several other adulterated products from Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea amongst which were 10,275 bags of sugar, 148,400 tablets, 10018 bags of rice, 21,592 phones.

This clandestine importation creates an unfair competition for corporate citizens who pay their taxes regularly and for local industries whose products are losing competitiveness in the market.  In recent years, the turnover of local industries has been declining worryingly, while some companies have simply gone out of business.

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