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The failed mission of opposition political parties in Cameroon
Category :- Politics Author :- By Ekema Emmanuel Likine, Political Sociologist. 
Posted on June 12, 2019, 1:41 pm

This is to say the amelioration of the living standards of citizens of every society has to be the prime objective of political actors within a political system. Most countries around the world have made significant progress in terms of policies, infrastructure, economic, political and social growth thanks to the steadfastness of the opposition. As much as this is evident around the globe, opposition political parties in Cameroon as a whole and their leaders in particular seem to be very confused what their true mission is all about.

It is easy to  create a political party in our country and pride yourself as the leader just to attract the attention of the governing class to involve you  in the sharing of the national cake while those who look up to you remain spectators. From my observation, our country has more than three hundred political parties based on the fact I have raised above. Political parities in our country have no true mission of ascending to power judging from their actions. They are rather paying their full attention in getting their share of the national  cake from the system in place and stay quiet but they forget to know that by staying silence over the shortcomings of those in leadership, the local masses pay the price out of their greedy and self centered attitude.

Most political parties in Cameroon lack a territorial jurisdiction and effective membership. Some are even a composition of relatives and close friends. Such parties only spring up during elections to benefit from what the state has to offer for their participation. By doing this they are instead promoting laziness within the governing class rather than taking it to task for its actions.

When people adhere to a political party, they are hoping that their individual and collective problems can be solved through this means.  It is therefore incumbent on political leaders to stand for what will benefit their followers and not their personal interest. Politics is a war of ideologies so the chain is weaken if those who are expected to provide an alternative way of doing things end up as hand clappers or enablers of the regime. The inability for opposition political parties in Cameroon to form a common front or a coalition during electoral competitions further proves that their objective is not to constitute themselves into a strong force that can effect change in Cameroon. If they were really for change, they will not hesitate to join forces to oppose the system in place which is undoubtedly stronger than all of them.

A fragile, unserious and easily bought opposition is the true enemy of the people  because it has failed to play it's role as the watchdog of the system in place. I strongly recommend that our country should validate just five political parties so as to make our political system more competitive. By doing so, I think our democracy will move to the next level. As a socio - political observer, my hope is that our opposition political leaders will change their present attitude of selfishness to become true fighters for the betterment of their people. The upcoming Municipal, Parliamentary and Regional elections offers them a unique chance to do things differently. May God Almighty help our leaders to become more people oriented in all their endeavors.

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