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Environmental Heritage: Fufu and Eru
Category :- Feature Author :- By Nkeze Mirabel Tache 
Posted on May 3, 2019, 7:33 am

Eru is highly nutritious and an important source of protein, essential amino acids, and minerals. Afang soup is a vegetable soup that originated from the Efik people of the Cross-River State and the Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom State in south of Nigeria. Scientifically, eru is called Gnetum africanum, a vine that grows in the wild in many forests across equatorial Africa. Eru is known by different names in the various countries where it grows. In Cameroon it is called Eru, in Angola, Gabon, Central African Republic and Congo it is called Koko. In Nigeria it is called ukase or Assange and in the Democratic Republic of Congo it is called m’fumbua or fumble.

The main ingredients for Fufu and eru can be found in their natural state only in the rural areas. However, they are readily available in the vegetable section of any market. They are harvested and transported to the cities for sale. An average plate of fufu and eru provides energy, moisture, carbohydrates, lipids, protein and fresh weight. These nutrients contribute to building up the nutritional values necessary for the smooth functioning of the body. Even as delicious and nutritive as eru is, it is also prone to causing stomach upsets. This mostly occurs when proper care is not taking during the preparation. Eating fufu is an excellent way to keep fat contents in your body, low thereby preventing diabetes and weight gain (especially when it is consumed moderately). Cassava-based food is good sources of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and potassium. But make sure that you do not dispose of the waste from the processed water fufu around your environment because it will bring you mosquito and other insect borne diseases.

 Please do not put onions in your eru, adding that is just out of place original eru needs no onions. Please don’t cook your eru without crayfish no amount of other fish types can replace crayfish. To keep your eru green do not cover the pot once you put in your vegetables.
Ingredients:    Meat, crayfish, Maggi, salt, palm oil, pepper, smoked fish, waterleaf, cow skin(canda), water fufu (akpwu)

 Preparing the eru
Wash the canda with clean scouring sponge (iron sponge ) and cut into sizable pieces. Place in a pot and turn on the fire, immediately it starts boiling, add a pinch of salt and Maggi to taste. Allow to boil while constantly checking if it is cooked a little. Add your meat and cook them together. After 45 minutes, add your smoked fish and allow to boil for 10 minutes again. Wash thoroughly the sliced eru and put in a colander, pluck water leaf from the stems, wash and slice it. Put your waterleaf in the pot and place on the fire with just enough heat. Immediately add your eru and start stirring it, in order for your eru to maintain its green color. Add a pinch of salt and Palm oil. Put in enough palm oil to march the quantity of the eru. Add the cooked Canada , meat, and smoked fish immediately it starts boiling allow to cook for 10  to 15 minutes. When the oil and little water that you added must have cooked well add Maggi, pepper, salt and crayfish. Stir continuously to mix the eru properly if it tastes nice in the mouth, then the eru is ready.

How to prepare the water fufu
Put raw water fufu in a deep pot mix with just enough water to make it smooth. Place the pot on the fire, preferably wood fire with just enough heat. Start stirring immediately the pot is on fire until the paste is thick and the white color of fufu has turned a little brown. Allow to boil for about 20 minutes and remove the pot from the fire. Continue mingling while adding little drops of fresh water, not hot water, so as to let it attain an immaculate white and to be thoroughly smooth. The fufu should not be too hard, but just pasty enough to easily roll it up into balls with the finger and smooth passage down the throat. You can now mold the fufu into cylinders read for serving to enjoy your meal.


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