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Lom Pangar Power Plant To End Darkness East Region
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Posted on April 30, 2019, 4:57 am

A foot dam is under construction at the Lom Pangar hydro dam that will generate 30MW of electricity to light the East Region.  
Top ranking officials of the Electricity Development Corporation, EDC and a delegation from the World Bank recently paid a visit to the construction site of the Lom Pangar Hydro Electrical Power Plant project to evaluate the level of progress on site and take measures that would fast track the development of the plant and enable contractors to meet agreed deadlines.
The General Manager of the corporation, Dr Theodore Nsangou led the delegation to the construction site in the East region on March 26. The project is expected to take out of darkness inhabitants of the towns of Bertoua, Batouri, Abong-Mbang, and some 150 villages in the East region when it is completed in the next 20 months.

The EDC boss in a press statement stated that works on the power plant had started, admitting that there had been some delays in the kick-off of the works due to financial constraints. “I can tell you that all obstacles have been cleared. The African Development Bank and the BDEAC which are the two major funders of the project and the government of Cameroon have played their part and right now we are starting work on the power station as you can see,” he said.
Theodore Nsangou also pointed out to reporters that the Corporation is focused on concrete actions and not diversions at the moment. “Right now, our efforts are on the construction of the power plant and electricity transportation lines. Funds are available. The Chinese company that got the contract to do the job is at work and so far, we are satisfied with what they have been doing with regards to their presence on the field,” he noted, adding that within the next 20 months, the people of the East region will start reaping the benefits of the project which was initiated by the Head of State, President Paul Biya.
Maho You Yong, the Chief of Project of the Chinese company, equally reaffirmed the declaration of the EDC General Manager. He said they are moving at the right speed, without difficulties and will complete the job within deadline.
Talking about funding for the project, the General Manager of the Electricity Development Corporation disclosed that the state of Cameroon had already disbursed its share of the required money which totalled FCFA 20 billion; the African Development Bank on its part, disbursed FCFA 32 billion while the Central African States Development Bank doled out FCFA 20 billion.

The net worth of the project is FCFA 72 billion. The first component of the project is the construction of the power plant that will produce 30 megawatts to cover the energy deficit of the East region. The fund will also facilitate the putting in place of high tension electricity transportation network that will supply hydro electrical power to the towns of Bertoua (Lom and Djerem), Batouri (Kadey) and Abong-Mbang (Upper-Nyong) and 150 other localities, Theodore Nsangou reiterated. “The issue of regular power shortages and blackouts will be nothing but old sad memories for the people of the region in 20 months to come,” said he.
The astute manager noted that they do not have time for malicious media reports about the ongoing project and that they are rather focused on the mission given to them by President Paul Biya; to provide electricity to the populations.
The General Manager of EDC once stated that Cameroon plans to reach an electrification rate of 50 per cent by 2022, observing that the current electrification rate of 40 per cent is too low when compared to other countries on the African continent, especially in Northern area. “Today, we have an electrification rate of about 40%. This is too low when compared to other Northern African countries such as Tunisia, where the rural electrification rate is over 90%. We believe that we will reach the milestone of 50% by 2022”, he is quoted to have told widely read news outlet, Le Monde Afrique in 2016.
To reach this goal, he gave to understanding that the Lom Pangar Dam alone is not enough though it has great role to play. The Lom Pangar Dam is an embankment dam with a center gravity dam section currently under construction on the Lom River about 88 kilometres north of Bertoua in the East Region of Cameroon. It is located about 4 kilometres downstream of the Lom River’s confluence with the Pangar River and about 13 kilometres upstream of where the Lom joins the Sanaga River. The purpose of the dam is to produce hydroelectric power and to regulate water flows along the Sanaga River.”

But for Cameroon to hit its 2022 target by the given date, the EDC is looking at a bigger project which is none other than the commissioning of the Natchigal dam. The projections also take into considerations, the contributions of the Memve’élé dam, constructed in the South region of Cameroon. This dam built by Sinohydro will help bring in an additional energy to the Southern interconnected grid.

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