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Session Congregation of PCC Akumlang, Mankon gets New Chairperson
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Posted on April 30, 2019, 4:54 am

This reporter caught up with Barrister Divine Momulluh, the new Elder and Chairperson of the Session Congregation who took out time to explain what is expected from an Elder and a Chairperson of a Session Congregation in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon.

An Elder Barrister Momulluh Divine explained should be one who has lived an exemplary life within his community serving the Church in one capacity or the other. Such a person must be a Baptised, comfirmed and a communicant member of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon.

A Chairperson he further explained must be one who has been an Elder in the Session Congregation for atleast five years. The difference in the case of the Session Congregation of PCC Akumlang, Mankon was that there was no one who had served as an Elder for five years in this particular Session Congregation at the time of his being chosen to serve in the capacity of Chairperson.

As the leader of a Session Congregation, you are looked up to for Policy decisions and the day-to-day running of the congregation. You are equally expected to be dynamic and make changes that are intended to be useful for the growth of the congregation.

Barrister Divine Momulluh, in his capacity as the new Chairperson thanked the Almighty for giving him this opportunity to serve. Explaining that it was an opportunity for him to render service to God, he thanked those who had placed confidence in him and his capability to bring change and make the Church grow.

He also thanked the former Session Congregation Executive for the work so far carried out.  He further said the present Spiritual Director and Pastor of the Congregation had been very dynamic and that the congregation under her guidance has been growing rapidly. Hear him; “we pray that such Pastors should be sent to the congregation to make sure that it continues to grow at that pace.” PCC Akumlang, Mankon he chipped in was one of the oldest Congregations that had given birth to Congregations like Ntamulung and Azire which have all out grown PCC Akumlang. The future he said was very hopeful.  

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