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Governor Lele L’Afrique throws weight behind fight against fake drugs
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Posted on April 30, 2019, 4:41 am

In a move to demonstrate this resolve, a crack team seized drugs from the Bamenda main market and other identified medicine stores last weekend.

Speaking to the media at the Governor’s Office after this feat, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique had this to say; “These are fake drugs that are being sold to the population without the authorisation of the Ministry of Public Health. We have embarked in the fight against the sale of fake drugs in our cities and villages. Here in Bamenda, it is creating a real Health Problem. When you see them they look like good drugs while in reality they are fake drugs. Some of them are even not containing medical products. It’s just some other products that have been put in a good covering to deceive the consumers. On behalf of the Ministry of Public health I will like to first of all thank the team lead by the Inspector General in the Region Incharge of Public Health that carried out that operation. They will continue not only in Bamenda but elsewhere in the Region. The operation is meant to protect the health of our citizens. I am appealing to everyone in the Region not to consume drugs that are not coming from an official pharmacy or a recognised Medical Center and I am asking them to go to various medical centers instead of relying on those circulating with fake drugs.”

 The governor explained that preventing fake drugs from entering the country was a long process that involved the participation of everybody. Everybody, he said should rally behind the Government to fight against the importation of these drugs. He said their collaborators working at the borders and at check points had been instructed to fight against the circulation of those drugs. “I will like to remind that it is not only administratively sanctioned, but that there are also Judicial Sanctions against those circulating these fake drugs. The process is going to be launched by the Attorney General of the Northwest Region against the persons circulating those drugs here in the Region.”

  Dr. Cho Soh Kingsley, the Regional Delegate of Public Health for the Northwest Region disclosed that there was a fake Meningities Vaccine that was circulating and that the Director of Customes had given instructions to Custom Officers to do all within their means to stop it at the level of the borders.

The Regional Delegate explained that fake drugs were circulating added to the fact that there were illicite sales of drugs. He said drugs were not stored under the right conditions and that such drugs could not be trusted. He further said these were drugs that patients had the reflex to go out and buy at the main market or by the road side. Like the governor, he called on the people to consult in accredited Health facilities and get drugs either from there or from Commercial Drug sellers (Pharmacies).

Hear him; “what motivated us to descend on the field was that a month ago the Minister of Public health sent an alert that there was the circulation of a certain drug Hydrochlorothiazide HTCZ 50mg. This medicine was discovered here in Bamenda. Annalyses were done. We instead identified another medical product that was seized and we discovered that it was instead a drug that treats Diabetis. It was as such very dangerous for the sick. This meant that you could have Hypertension and at the end of the day you find yourself taking a drug that treats Diabetis. After this alert the Minister of Public health therefor informed Cameroonians through a communiqué. At our level, we work in committees so in our Committee for the fight against illicit drugs which is headed by the governor we decided following his instructions to seize drugs at the Main Market in Bamenda and at certain identified Medicine Stores. The governor has said that this will continue to prevent the population from going to these unauthorized sellers who are not health professionals.”

The seized illicite drugs were destroyed at the Regional Delegation of Public in the Northwest Region on Wednesday Aprile 24th. These drugs were destroyed using a state of the art incinerator that has newly been installed at the premises of the NW Regional Delegation of Public health. Considering the fact that these drugs if burnt in the open could be potentially dangerous from a pollution perspective, Dr. Che Soh Kingsley said using the incinerator was the most environmentally manner to dispose of the drugs.

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