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Value Health Africa rounds up Campaign on Cervical Cancer & Fibroids
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Posted on April 30, 2019, 4:35 am

Shu Claudia Siri, a Public Health Nurse and Sexual Reproductive Health Advocate for Value health Africa presented this health organisation as a non profit community based organisation which is geared towards improving the health of communities with its main goal  being to reduce the burden of Non Communicable Diseases in Cameroon and Africa at large.

Concerning awareness campaigns on Cervical Cancer, she said a lot had been done especially with Value health Africa. The organisation she said had carried out many awareness Campaigns in communities and had gone as far as carrying out Cervical Cancer Screening and Prostrate Cancer screening in many communities.

During the exercise in Bamenda, there was free Cervical Cancer Screening and lots of health talks from Gynecologists, Medical Doctors, and Reproductive Health Specialists. Hear her; “We were privileged to receive the Regional Delegate of Public Health here through his representative who talked to the women of Bamenda on the importance of carrying out Cervical Cancer Screening. The first thingthat we had in mind when we were organising this screening campaign was to screen atleast 100 hundred women against Cervical Cancer. So far we have gone above our target because the turn out has been so massive. The second goal that we have is to link all the positive cases that we have, to specialised care so that those who are tested to have pre-cancerous cells will be taken care of immediately and those that need specific treatement can be given the necessary attention. Fibroids are non cancerous growths that grow in the womb or the uterus. We also had an opportunity to give health talks to women concerning fibroids and the importance of having themselves screened.”

Shu Claudia Siri called on Cameroonian Women to know that it was very important to carry out their Cervical Cancer Screening. “If you were not fortunate to be here to carry out your free screening we advice you to go to the hospital and get screened. This will help you to detect the presence of any abnormal cells and if they are cancerous it can be treated early because Cervical Cancer can be treated” she said.

Mbah Philomena, a 56 year-old participant said the campaign had helped her to know that there were things she was supposed to avoid. She said it was because of the awareness campaign that she now knew that there were certain things that could be prevented. “I have been thought on the signs and symptoms of fibroid and how I can feel and know that I have it. I have come to understand that many women shorten their life span because they don’t know. They have told us to tell others to come and examine themselves. We’ve been told of the existence of a vaccine that can be used to prevent Cervical Cancer.

46 year old Lilian Lum Ngwa on her part said “at my age we usually contact a lot of diseases and go through crises as we grow older. This is because the system depreciates. At this age you need to know how to build yourself so that you can live longer. I have learnt a lot here. You must first of all take care of your health if you want to live longer and to do this you need to get information and the directives on how to do it. We should therefore put into practice the information that we’ve picked here today. So we’ve learnt to take our health as first priority, seek to get useful health information and then put in practice what we learn.  I pray that they should organise more programmes like this in future to sensitise people.

Meantime 38 old Etchu Isabelle said she had learnt a lot from the awareness and screening exercise. Hear her; “Much has been learnt here today and we’ve been told to go forth and counsel others back at home and in our communities. I think that at my age it is very good for me to know my health situation so that is why I came here. I have children and it’s very important for me to know about my health situation because when you are already aging its good to know.”

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