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Bamenda Regional Hospital launches All Inclusive Ultra-modern Toilets
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Posted on April 30, 2019, 4:25 am

This has resulted in the realization of projects such as the renovation of the B, C, E and F-wards and the tiling of walkways amongst others. It is against this backdrop that the construction of All Inclusive Ultra Modern Toilets was realised.The inauguration of this laudable project took place on April 11 and coincided with the Management Board Meeting considering the fact that it was an occasion for the Management Board to get a view of the new facility.

During the brief event which took place at the Bamenda Regional Hospital premises, Vincent Nji Ndumu, Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council cum Chairman of the Management Committee of the hospital congratulated the administration and staff for all the projects that had been carried out within the hospital since he became chairman of the Management Board.
 Dr. Kinge Thompson Njie, Director to the Bamenda Regional Hospital said considering the fact that the Regional Hospital was a public facility; it would be out of place to think that the toilets will be used exclusively by patients since they were always accompanied by relatives and friends. Dr. Kinge further said the hospital was a public place and that people using its toilets could easily be infected if proper toilets were not provided. “Perhaps in our culture toilets are not very valued but toilets are the first places that ought to be very clean so far as hospital environments are concerned”, he said.
An added quality to these toilets is their all inclusive nature. 60 years earlier when the hospital was created nobody thought about people living with disabilities but the ultra modern toilets being inaugurated were disability friendly.

Dr. Kinge Thompson Njie emphasised that usage of the toilet was free. He however said if after using the facility any person felt the need to assist in the maintenance of its hygiene and sanitation, either through the purchase of toilet rolls, cleaning detergents amongst others, it should come in the form of a free will donation. The free will donation he said could come from anyone and not only from the users.

Mr. Eko Fredrick Ndive, the contractor, revealed that the structure consisted of 18 toilets for both males and females. The main building he said had 14 toilets and a duty post with both sides of the building having 2 toilets each reachable by Persons living With Disabilities PWDs.

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