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Sex Enhancers, Heart Attack Causes Death During Sex-Cardiologist
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Posted on April 30, 2019, 4:20 am

He made the disclosure during an interview with The Post Newspaper in the cause of an investigative report to know while death during sex is very frequent in Cameroon of recent.

The predominant cause to him is sudden cardiac arrest from a heart attack or abnormal electrical activity in the heart. It can also be caused by bleeding in the brain (stroke) and sex enhancing drugs. Death during sex is more common in people that have a background of certain illnesses like heart disease especially when it is undiagnosed
On whether there is a certain age when men need to stop having sex, he said there is no real age limit for a man to stop having sex, but as men get older (around the 50s and 60s), they start having trouble with erection.

“In contrast to the frequent or constant ones of younger men, the sexual urge also decreases. These are some of the things that can make a man to stop having sex or lower the frequency. But in their eighties and later, fit men can continue sex”, he said.

Going by the renowned Cardiologist, it is not only men that die during sex but most deaths during sexual activity occur in men.  Men going by him, face a greater risk of heart disease than women. Sex-related deaths in men are commoner with extra-marital relationships and occur often in locations outside the matrimonial homes. Notable cases of individuals dying during or from sex have been recorded and reported including a president, a prime minister, administrative authorities, etc.
On the chances of death during sex, he said that Research has shown that people are 2.7 times more likely to die during sex than other times in the day, but only if they rarely have sex or exercise. People who have sex rarely or are unfit are at much greater risk of death. But the individual risk is minimal

Although generally considered to be safe, sex enhancement pills (ex: Viagra) use to him, has been linked to sudden death during sexual activity especially in people who have a background of heart disease or with overdose. So, it is usually advisable to evaluate a man’s risk of heart disease before using these drugs.

As for the remedy, he said, sudden cardiac arrest during sex is more deadly than any other activity.
“The unique private setting of sex plays a role. Because of this, the partner may not act quickly and appropriately to try to save the other partner.  In case of sudden cardiac arrest during sex it is important to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately while waiting for help to arrive. For every minute CPR is not administered, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. Without CPR, brain cells begin to die after 5 mins, and the chance of survival after 10 mins is virtually zero”, he added.

Quizzed on whether those with heart disease should stay away from sex as a means of survival, he held that, if you have unstable heart disease or severe symptoms, you should be treated and stabilized before you have sex.
On whether the age difference between a man and a woman a danger to sex, the seasoned Cardiologist, said, the older we get, the greater the chances of having medical conditions that increase the risk of having heart disease for both men and women.

“An elderly man having sex with a much younger woman may have heart disease or medical conditions that increase the risk of heart disease and sometimes they may use sex-enhancing drugs for greater performance”, he explained.
The bottom line of all this to him is that most of the time having sex is safe. People who want to engage in sex should regularly work out to reduce their risk of severe heart problems that may arise during sexual intercourse. People should also refrain from taking sexual enhancement drugs without a Doctor’s prescription.  If you are diagnosed with heart disease, ask your doctor to evaluate you before resuming sexual activity.

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