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Governor tells SW Chiefs to March or be Dethroned!
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Posted on April 29, 2019, 7:49 am

In what has been described as the weirdest thing that could ever happen to the culture and identity of a people, the Traditional Rulers in the Southwest Region have been called upon to lead their people in the National Day March past on the 20th of May. This call was made during preparatory meetings taking place in Buea recently. Considering the cultural importance that is attached to the personality of a Chief or a Traditional Ruler among people of the region, this request came as an utter shock.

From a purely cultural standpoint, a chief is representative of the people and much more. He is respected so much so that he makes public appearances only on rare occasions. He is the custodian of the tradition and as such incarnates the ancestry of the people. They constitute “the strongest, strangest and Most Sacred Order of the Traditional Structures” of the people. The call by the Governor of the Southwest Region that they should come out and participate in the march past has proven to be very unpopular and has not been welcome by a cross section of the society.

Some quarters hold that when chiefs started being paid salaries, it marked the beginning of the end of the autonomy and respect that was hitherto accorded them.  This bitter pill has been further exacerbated by the Gorvernor’s open allocation of monetary remuneration to every chief that will show up reportedly promising to dethrone those who hesitate in 30 days.
HRH Chief Motasse Ngoh from Mbakwa Supe in Meme Division has looked at it from a purely security perspective stating that it will be foolhardy for any Traditional leader to go and march under the present circumstances. He said anyone doing such a thing will be doing so at his own risk.

Meantime HRH Chief Peter Essambi Ngoh still from Meme Division has called on the Governor to withdraw his statement with immediate effect. Such an administrator he said should immediately be replaced because his incompetence is too glaring Chief Essambi Ngoh said.

While the Chiefs are receiving pressure from the Governor, pressure is also coming from another end. Threats have been published aplenty on Soocial Media daring any Chief to take part in the March Past.

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