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At Washington DC All Southern Cameroon People’s Conference Front Line Leaders Form Single Front to Negotiate Separation!
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Posted on April 2, 2019, 4:44 pm

Southern Cameroons Leaders and People meeting in Washington DC, with diplomats, are unanimous that, they can only meet the Biya Regime only on Terms of Separation that restore the Independence of Southern Cameroons and nothing less.

 Dr. Fontem Neba, Chairman Elvis Kometa of SCNC, Dr.Sako of the Interim Government, Boh Herbert of MORISC, Cathrine of ARCC, Dr. Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga all spoke with one voice that Southern Cameroons Independence will be restored!
 A delegation of the US State Department and the Europen Union had been told by Front Line Leaders that Southern Cameroons Independence was what the people wanted and that the International Community could organize a referendum for the People of Former British Southern Cameroons to vote for Independence. The only Southern Cameroons grouping absent at the DC Conference is the AGC of Ayaba Cho. The Ambazonia Republic of Pa Goddy Dinka was represented. Prof. Carlson Anyangwe also spoke in favor of the independence of Southern Cameroons.
 An observer in attendance stated enthusiastically “I am at the All Southern Cameroons People Conference and its fireworks. It’s splendid. I’ve never seen so much love and hope from all Frontline leaders. Everyone is so moved and they are all speaking in one voice. From Boh Herbert, Dr. Sako, Dr. Akwanga, Mr. Kometa, to Mr. Akuro. They all say we are ready to seat with LRC and negotiate terms of separation…We have international observers present and we are making our case to them. Professors Carlson Anyangwe is the next speaker. We are very sure the united front that we have been seeking for is finally going to happen here. We will leave this place with a list of people who will represent us on an international negotiation table and we will negotiate terms of separation. If you are still to come, please hurry up.”
While this enthusiasm is building in the Diaspora, confidence back home in an international solution to the Anglophone Crisis doesn’t seem to be so upbeat. Realities on the ground have pushed English Speaking Cameroonians to near despair.

Recurrent questions and facts that push Cameroonians from the Northwest and Southwest to near despair include amongst others the fact that Meetings in the Diaspora just like this DC Conference doesn’t put the day-to-day plight of people back home on the table. Killings are still going on in the Northwest and the Southwest as the Government in place simultaneously preaches Disarmament and Re-insertion. The case of Widikum a few days ago still points to this fact.
Can any discussion that completely sidelines the Cameroonian government be useful in Cameroon? If an international round table takes place without things concretely moving forward in Cameroon, how useful will this be in solving the problem? If the Biya Regime then decides against any discussion with “terrorists” and decides just to crush “the enemy in the house” where will this leave Cameroonians from the Northwest and Southwest Regions considering the fact that many of them are already living as internally displaced people IDP in these same towns in French Speaking Cameroon?
The International Community seems to be playing double standards some opinions have indicated. The recent meeting between President Paul Biya and Peter Tibor Nagy the US Under-Secretary for Africa and declarations made by him after the meeting have left many observers spellbound considering the declarations that were made by the same official on Radio France International before getting to Cameroon.

A lot of things have to be taken into consideration when a group of people in the Diaspora meet and take decisions. There is the game of self interests and there are those who are benefitting from the war in Cameroon. War in modern times is business. Those who benefit from these wars are the same international powers that Africans look up to. Can the stalemate in Cameroon really be broken if the Cameroon Government decides not to play ball?
By Francis Ekongang Nzante


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