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Environmental Heritage: Kwacoco and mbanga soup
Category :- Feature Author :- By Nkeze Mirabel Tache 
Posted on April 2, 2019, 11:49 am

The ingredients are easy to get. However, I believe that it is very easy for rural dwellers to have most of its basic ingredients in their environment than is the case for urbanites. And most of these things usually live the countryside to the urban centres. The main ingredients for this dish are cocoyam and palm nut. The waste from preparation of this dish be recycled gainfully in the form of manure. Compost manure is good for rgowing vegetable and other crop, especially around the compound. Most of the time people just throw the peelings around which may attract flies and other harmful insects. The water and chaff from the palmnuts should be properly disposed of to avoid poluting the environment with it.

 After the mbanga soup is done, we usually see a lot of palm oil floating at the top. we can actually drain that natural red palm oil and keep for future use.

Cocoyam (macabo coco), palm nuts, treated plantain leaves, smoked fish or stock fish, salt, pepper, ground onion, beef cubes ground crayfish Maggi (some people will like to put meat but the real Bakweri women will use but smoked fish or stock fish)

 Peel, wash and grate your cocoyam into a paste. If your cocoyam is too dry, you may need to add a bit of water to the paste and mix well. The cocoyam sometimes causes itching, so use a wooden spoon to stir the water into the paste. Add a pinch of salt and mix it well and test it. wash treated plantain leaves (treated by passing over an open flame to make them supple) and wrap the paste. place the wrapped cocoyam paste in a pot lined with plantain leaves and boil for about 1h 30mins adding water as it dries up until kwacoco is done.
For the mbanga soup, wash and boil a good quantity of palm nuts (mbanga) until tender and drain out water. Pound in a mortar using a pestle until it gets ready (do not crush the kernels) scoop out the pounded palm nuts and place in the bowl. Pour in some warm water, mix up with your hands (as if you are mixing dough) so the pulp mixes properly with warm water. Sieve out the water (now mixed with pulp) into a sizeable pot and repeat the previous step until all the pulp is washed off the chaff. Place a pot on the fire, add in washed and cut stockfish, and allowed to boil (place do not cover the pot as the soup may foam and spill over. When your mbanga soup gets boiling, add in some salt, Maggi and some beef cubes to taste, some group onion and pepper as desired. As the soup boils, the level begins to decrease, and the consistency thickens. When soup has boiled for. 1h, you will notice that palm oil now floats at the top of the boiling soup. Add in some crayfish and smoked fish (only add now so it does not scatter in to pieces from from the long cooking time) taste and adjust your mbanga soup if the is anything lacking. Your kwacoco mbanga soup is ready enjoyed your meal

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