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NW Culinary Heritage: Kati Kati Healthy Environment for Healthy Living
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Posted on March 7, 2019, 12:00 am
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Yet, these supplies are already being threatened with depletion or contamination. All caused by man’s reckless exploitation of the environment. Man’s pollution of the land and aquatic habitats of plants and animals that have for generations fed the very man may get to dangerous levels if care is not taken.
Meanwhile, from what Mother Nature has given us, we have crafted some of the most delicious dishes the world has ever known. Almost every tribe or ethnic group has its signature dish. The Duala have Mbongo Chobi, he Bakweri have Timba na mbousa, the Bali and Bamileke have nkwi and fufu corn, the Bangwa have abbey nchi, the Nso people have khati khati (kati kati), just to name a few. EcoTrends, in taking the pulse of the environment is also interested in sampling some of the dishes that the good health of the environment has enabled our people to relish for generations. So let’s prepare Fufu corn, njama njama and kati kati and sit back and enjoy while meditating on how to keep old Mother Nature healthy always.
How to prepare fufu Corn njama njama and khati khati (Kati Kati)

How to begin with Kati Kati
This is how to prepare the food in North West region especially Nso
Your ingredients: whole chicken, salt, maggi, Onion, Pepper, Tomato, Garlic, Palm oil  
 Method of cooking

The whole chicken is plucked and slightly hold it over a grill to burn off remaining tufts of hair. After, you cut the chicken into desired pieces, wash it thoroughly and put in a pot. Add 3 cups of water and bring to boil. Now, chop your onion, pepper, tomato, and garlic. Season your chicken with salt and Maggi then add the chopped ingredients. Then add palm oil let them cook together for 30 to 45 minutes, until all water has dried off leaving just the chicken. Keep that aside and move on to njama njama.

You could fry onion and tomatoes in oil first before adding your raw chicken and bringing to boil. But I prefer boiling the chicken first because that way the other ingredients don’t cook too much and lost their flavor.

 How to prepare njama njama
Ingredients: huckleberry, salt, Maggi, pepper, palm oil

Pluck the huckleberry, wash it thoroughly and place in a pot. Boil it for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not throw away the water or juice that is secreted due to the boiling. It is nutritious. Take out the huckleberry and cut it into smaller pieces. Place it back in the pot containing its juices. Add pepper, salt, Maggi and palm oil. Mixed it well and let it boil for two minutes. Then turn off the fire and get ready for Fufu corn.

Fufu corn
Ingredients: corn flour, warm and cool water, wooden spoon or spatula for stirring        
Put water in the pot and bring it to boil. While water is on the fire, mix reasonable quantity of your corn flour with cool water. This will form a paste. After water has boiled remove half of it and set aside. Pour that paste into the remaining water in the pot. Stirring continuously and it should get really thick. Now add in the remaining flour to the pot, stirring continuously in a circular motion. If it gets too hard start moving the paste to the corner of the pot with your wooden spoon or spatula making sure the lumps are dissolved when it is well mixed, add some of the warm water you kept aside and cover the pot for about 5 to 10 minutes. Now open the pot and mix it again. If it is still hard, add some water again and mix the fufu until everything is well blended. You are now ready to savor Fufu corn, njama njama and kati kati!

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