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Environmental Heritage: Ekwang Delicacies of Cameroon
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Posted on March 7, 2019, 12:00 am



However, we at LeGideon believe that it is very easy for city dwellers to have most of these basic ingredients if a proper sustainable environmental policy is developed and implemented by municipal authorities. There can be parks, pavements, and other public spaces in which edible plants are cultivated in place of flowers.   But back to our Ekwang story.
This dish is common in Cameroon and Nigeria. It is a staple dish among the Ibiobio and the Efiks who call it Ekpang Nkukwo while in Cameroon it is common with the Bakweri, Ewondo, and Balundo people. However, it is a dish relished nationally. There are many varieties of cocoyam that can be used for this recipe, white or red with red being the best. This cocoyam is usually long slender and slimmer than others. In Cameroon, it is called “ macabo Coco”. The cocoyam paste can be gotten using a food processor, but I prefer using the traditional method (hand grater).

Cocoyam (macabo Coco), Palm oil (red oil), Cocoyam leaves, Fish or meat (it could be smoked mackerel or mbonga fish) or meat (could be smoked beef or bush meat), Crayfish, Maggi, salt, ginger, garlic, pepper, water, country onion, bush pepper, onion

        Peel your cocoyam properly, soaking it in water immediately to prevent it from changing its natural colour. After that, wash your cocoyam thoroughly then grate it using a hand grater or a food processor. Salt your cocoyam paste lightly and add a little water and mix it thoroughly then set aside. Make sure you wash your cocoyam leaves or sweet bitter leaves thoroughly before using to get rid of bacteria or insects. Tear your cocoyam leaves into small pieces, you can use hands or knife. Grease your pot with oil to prevent sticking, use a tablespoon to scoop cocoyam paste mixture into the leave and wrap properly to form a nice finger-like shape, (some people prefer it to be small, some medium or large the size of your Ekwang is your choice, continue wrapping until the paste mixture is finished. As you wrap, you arrange properly into the pot. Some people leave a hold in the middle for ingredients and water while others cross the Ekwang fingers forming zigzag or squares. Put water and place your pot over a low heat and let it simmer for 5 to 10 minutes after that hold the pot and shake, then add your ground crayfish, stock onion, country onion, pepper, garlic, ginger, bush pepper, your smoked fish or meat, Maggi and palm oil. Allow it for 10 minutes. Open and keep adding water if you realize it is a bit dry, it has to form a thick delicious broth. If u want your Ekwang fingers to come out still beautifully wrapped up, you should not over stir, or you should cook over medium heat for 50 minutes. Taste to make sure it’s ok then remove from heat and allow to cool for 10 to 15 mins before consumption. It is always delicious to eat with fingers. However, some people use cutlery.



Enjoy your meal!

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