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Posted on March 7, 2019, 5:54 pm
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Bees – The Basis of Our Existence

Recent worldwide  Research shows that because of Colony Collapse  Disorder (CCD - a phenomenon in which worker bees  From a beehive or honeybee colony, abruptly disappear)  About 50% of the bee population has been obliterated  CCD is a result of human interference and conventional  Mass bee breeding which has upset the bee’s natural  Life balance maintained over millions of years in the bees  Organism. Debilitation of this kind is an open invitation  For disease, viruses, parasites and fungi, leading  Finally to collapse and death. Other external causes  Also, interfere with the bee’s natural immune system  These include cellular/electromagnetic radiation  Heavy chemical sprays, air, earth and water pollution.  The fundamental reason that modern science has failed   To find the cure for CCD stems  From a lack of understanding and a misunderstanding   Of the way Nature functions.  I would say this requires a  Deeper understanding of Nature than conventional science can provide.

Conventional science assumes that a Disease is the cause of CCD.

It is the end of a process. A disease is one of Nature’s mechanisms
For eliminating weaklings in the environment then we can understand what is wrong with a bee colony, and if we understand the cause, we will understand   How to fix it and eventually stopping the disease.  Nature uses diseases and pests to eliminate weakling plants and animals.   Diseases do not “attack” an organism  Disease are in the environment all the time, mostly dormant. A disease is activated  To perform its task by a specific cause such as environmental and genetic influences or management practices.  We aim to set up sustainable biodynamic apiaries  Worldwide which will engage in beekeeping  Honey production, workshops and lectures to  Local audiences.  The Biodynamic Bee Project will offer  Employment and educational programs  To the local populations from towns and  Villages surrounding the location/Apiary

Colony Collapse Disorder is not a disease in itself, nor is it caused by a specific disease.

CCD is a process that begins with a Root Cause, Plus by mismanagement practices, and ends in Causing the ultimate death of a colony.  Let us look at the following example:  If an actual disease such as the Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) ultimately kills a bee colony,  It was first activated by environmental pollution invading the bee and the hive, plus the management or  Mismanagement of the bees and hives themselves, each weakening the immune system of the bees and the  Colony to the point where IAPV kills off the colony.   In order to understand CCD, we must observe this crucial distinction. Viruses and bacteria become  Active and can kill before death, not after. Fungi activate after death, not before. This insight provides us   Better understand to the process that is happening in the bee colony.  Fungi recycle plant and animal parts, making them available for the next generation. Some fungi  Are very aggressive and can contribute to the cause of death. However, to activate a fungus, death must be present.  This can be as simple as a few dead cells when, in the right environment, they cause the activation  Of a fungus.   We did not say that the fungus “attacks”. Fungus has no level of consciousness other than to be somewhat aware of its surroundings.  It does not “decide” to become active.  It simply becomes active when the right conditions appear - dead cells and the right environment. When  These are gone; the fungus disappears or becomes inactive, dormant, again.  Since fungi do not appear in beehives until after the death process   it makes no sense to look to the fungus as the “disease” that’s killing a hive. Therefore we can  State that CCD is not a fungal disease. Fungus may be present, but it does not kill the hive. The colony was  Already dying. Something else activated fungus in the hive. The appearance of fungi is symptomatic of a  Deeper cause.  A colony must be identified as a super organism, one body, made up of genetically identical bees.  It acts as one organism in life, and in death. That is why the bee Colony collapse at one time  The ‘body” collapses, not the individual bees.  For the past fifteen years, Hilmar Christopher Kuhnemann has  Been keeping bees at conventional & Biodynamic  Apiaries in Israel.   In the light of the prevailing Colony  Collapse Disorder Hilmar began investigating the  Phenomenon of CCD in depth.   

He is a graduate of  The beekeeping course at Mellifera Bee Center in  Stuttgart, Germany   And beekeeping trust center  In the UK.   Hilmar lectures widely on the subject in  Israel and abroad. He also serves as a consultant  And guide to holistic bee-keeping projects and  The establishment of apiaries across Israel.  

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