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Who ‘Killed’ the Lebialem SDO? A LeGideon Investigative
Category :- News Author :- By Ferdinand Awung Mbecha 
Posted on January 18, 2019, 7:43 am

The report also claimed that the administrator had previously been wounded in a confrontation with local armed groups on the road between Azi and Alou. The post ends with a short CV of the supposedly dead administrator: “As a reminder, Etta Mbokaya Ashu appointed on April 6, 2018, was previously SDO of Ndian Division and Nkongsamba 2. This former secretary of the governor of the South West replaced Ungitoh Zachary Chekoh, who was retired.”

The story that was posted on January 13th, has thus far received 196 shares, 161 comments and 205 emoticon reactions ranging from “like”, “sad”, and “wow”. Some of the comments expressed jubilation, some a frustration with the Biya regime’s stubborn execution of a war that should never have been. One comment by a certain Eric Maxime Abena Enama wryly decried the nation’s sad predicament: “Quand ce n'est pas Jessica, ce sont les Ambazo qui tuent les Préfets. Le Cameroun est en guerre !!!” Jessica, it should be recalled is the girl who is alleged to have been having sex in a hotel room with the SDO of Hauts-Plateaux in the West Region when he suddenly died of a malaise.


But Did Mbokaya Ashu Die? And If Yes, Who Killed Him?

First, it must be noted that the SDO has never been wounded before. It is his predecessor, Ungitoh Zachary Chekoh, who was shot and wounded by the Red Dragons of Lebialem on Thursday March 22, 2018 on his way to Alou. The Lebialem Divisional Delegate of Lands Tenure who was in the same car with Ungito was killed in that attack. Ungito was eventually airlifted out of Lebialem for treatment. He was then placed on retirement and Mbokaya was appointed to take his place. The convoy of the governor of the South West Region came under heavy gunfire from the Red Dragons when he went to Menji to installed Mbokaya as SDO of Lebialem. However, no casualties were sustained.

Meanwhile, the attack that Le Quartrième Pouvoir reported to have happened never took place. And so LeGideon can confirm that Mr. Etta Mbokaya Ashu is alive.


But Where is He?

WHAT WE KNOW: Etta Mbokaya Ashu has not been seen in Lebialem for a very long time. And probably the absence is the reason the rumor mill started churning out conspiracies about his death. The administrator is a sick man. He was already suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes before his appointment as the SDO for Lebialem. The armed conflict that has crippled Lebialem has made it impossible for people to have access to basic services like health care. The situation took a dire dimension when the Focolare Movement that runs the only good health service in the whole division decided to scale down its operations. All the doctors, who were foreign volunteers, have left. The facility is still open but without the appropriate staff to take care of delicate cases.

Thus, the sick SDO, who depended on a regular supply of stabilizing medication, started missing out on his treatment. Inside sources revealed to LeGideon that even the military doctor in Menji could not help him get the right treatment. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the SDO owes his life to the D.O for Fontem Subdivision, Mr. Ewane Jude Mbong, who was living with him in the same house at the time. Seeing that his boss was dying, the DO put pressure on the Governor of the South West Region to expedite his evacuation. In the last week of October 2018, a military helicopter was then sent to airlift the sick man to Douala. Upon arrival at the Lacantini Hospital in Douala, the administrator went into a coma the same day. He would later recover from the coma. Thereafter he insisted to go back to his job but while in Dschang he had a partial stroke and was immediately taken to Yaounde.

The condition of the SDO has stabilized. However, our sources intimated that he can die any moment. He does not answer his phone. Only his wife and sons answer his calls for him. However, communication with him is limited to close family members and a few Lebialem elites like the parliamentarian (Hon. Foju) and Minister Paul Tasong.

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