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Kamto Vows To Continue National Resistance Plan Against Biya
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Posted on November 5, 2018, 9:13 am
Ever since Cameroon’s constitutional council declared Biya winner of the October 7 elections, Kamto has refused to accept defeat, given that he won by over 39% of valid cast votes, Maurice Kamto released a document which showed proof of that.
Hailing the brave militants, who stormed the streets of Yaounde and Douala for a public protest against the Biya regime, the CRM boss urged all Cameroonians to overcome fear so as to push through with the national resistance plan against the electoral hold up in Cameroon. Kamto equally applauded all those initially detained for showing up in their numbers during the Sunday’s match protests to decry injustice, saying they will forever be heroes. 
Maurice Kamto addressed 00ikäMonday October 29, the people of change who mobilized to peacefully resist the oppression of the Biya regime in a correspondence. Also, in a message dedicate to who he called patriots, Maurice Kamto said; “To all the patriots of the Diaspora who mobilized themselves as never before in our history since the proclamation of the unfair results of the presidential election of October 7; to all Cameroonians at home and abroad who have courageously been committed to this struggle of the National Resistance Plan (NRP) the past weekend; to those of you, who last Saturday and from the banks of River Wouri made Douala and Cameroon vibrate, by your peaceful and courageous acts; to the Cameroonian Diaspora who from your stay in foreign land have joined your voices and your footsteps to those of the compatriots of Douala; to the protesters of the Roman Catholic Community of Yaoundé who, on the esplanade of the Our Lady Cathedral, in silence, meditation, prayer, and in a peaceful manner, were in total fellowship last Sunday with the ideal to seek the truth of the presidential election of October 7, 2018; to those who brought their support and compassion to the imprisoned protesters, you were able to bear the cost of their arbitrary arrest, you have become heroes and your courage commands admiration, which by every way strengthens our determination to resist arbitrary arrest and oppression. Also, I strongly and vigorously condemn the squashing of your liberties and your rights by the forces against Truth, Law and Justice and I assure you of my unflinching commitment to this struggle.
To the lawyers and other people of good will who have spontaneously mobilized to defend those whose fight for freedom and justice led to their detention, hear in my voice the expression of my patriotic gratitude towards you. Let’s stay mobilized because the national resistance continues!”
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