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AzongWara and the Politics of GCE Board
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Posted on November 5, 2018, 8:53 am
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In a soul-searching interview published in the Post Newspaper edition No 01956 on page 5 of Monday October 29, 20018, the former registrar holds that Biya’s decree is illegal and that the current Registrar is illegitimate.
In one of his critical outings after the reorganization of the GCE Board, the pioneer Registrar, Azong Wara has once more brought into the limelight his political reflections of Anglophone Education, with a particular focus of the Board. His criticisms of the Board for the past one year has been met with mixed feelings, but his desire to expose the historical standing orders of Anglophone Education remains vital.
Presidential decree relieves Anglophones of the burdens of CAP, Probatoire, and Baccalaureate but then takes away the mechanisms that can ensure the academic integrity of the exams the Board administers.
Frowning at the exclusion of the University of Buea from the moderation of the GCE examination, Azong Wara argued that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea cannot in all honesty sign a certificate for an exam he never had the chance to monitor. He also frowned at the exclusion of teachers, lay private and denominational school authorities. He also makes a case against the flooding of the Board with representatives of Ministries from Yaoundé, at the detriment of educationists.
It is dangerous to ignore the law N0 04-98 of 14th April 1998 which is the ultimate authority on the organization of education in Cameroon. To him, the laws cited by the presidential decree which gave him the authority to reorganize the GCE Board are irrelevant to the matter in question. Therefore not citing the 1998 educational law to him is a sinister attempt to sideline the protection that it gives to the Anglophone Educational system.
The Pioneer Registrar, AzongWara, is of the opinion that a revolution is needed to save what is left of the GCE Board. To him, the latest decree of President Text has made things very bad. he argues that if Anglophones allow the text to be enforced, they will be in reality letting go the only good thing that makes them look like people, in the competitive world of education.
The GCE Board was created after series of professional and protest confrontation between educational stakeholders of Anglophone heritage through which some of them were meted by the government, with tough words and harsh treatments of security officials. It was the relentless and tireless objectives of not giving up on getting a strictly Anglophone educational Board that the GCE Board was borne.
Over the years and going by the text reorganizing the Board, more people without the Anglo-Saxon background of education and culture by virtue of appointments have been and shall be allowed to members of the governing council of the GCE Board. Before now, some have become permanent members of the Examination Executive Council, EEC which is the highest academic organ of the GCE Board.
History exerts a powerful influence on education, in the sense that educational development is a function of societies and bears many traces of the past by preparing for today and the future.
This entailed bringing together consultants, professionals, teachers’ trade unions and associations, NGOs and parents in order to have a solid educational foundation.
To assess the quality and performance of the Anglophone Sub-System of education since the World Summit on education in 1990, especially in light of the implementation of certain provisions of the 1998 Education Law, made provisions for necessary review of a more efficient and effective education subsystem.
Law No.98/004 of 14th April 1998 which lays down guidelines on Education in Cameroon, calls for the creation of an advisory body, the National Education Board that would among other things carry out important research activities.  The implementation of this goodwill Education Law is more than 20 years old but these research bodies have not been created, thereby leaving a vacuum that has encouraged ill-prepared and arbitrary education reforms which are hurriedly conceived and implemented without proper studies and wider consultations with stakeholders.
“I will begin by looking at the preamble to the decree itself. You know these citations that usually come before presidential decrees are very important citations. This thing where they usually say mindful of this, mindful of mindful that; those are very important citations in respect of the decree that follows. “He added.
To him, the most important law on education in this country is law No 0 4-9 8 of 14 April 1998and one cannot talk of education without mentioning that one because it came out of an education forum organized in the country, where the law was debated in Parliament and eventually signed into law by Presidential decree.
In the respect of exams itself, he the pioneer registrar hold that the conduct of the exams has been completely destroyed and that the GCE Board needs an intellectual and educational revolution.
The text reorganizing the GCE Board is clear that it shall be an administrative public establishment, endowed with legal authority and financial autonomy. It is also clear that the Ministry of Secondary Education shall be the technical supervisory authority and shall ensure that the decisions of the Board are in line with the resolutions and the policies of the government in terms of education.
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