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Anglophone Crisis Cameroon Bishops Demand 32M To Accomplish AGC Conference
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Posted on October 16, 2018, 6:30 pm
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The men of God during their discussions in a press conference Thursday, October 11 unanimously agreed that they will need a projected budget of 32,346,800 for the organisation of the AGC. They strongly believe the Anglophone crisis affecting the Northwest and Southwest regions; will take another turn, perhaps the most decisive in its history. “While coordinating fundraising to raise the estimated budget, the organizers noted with great satisfaction the excellent progress made so far in the preparations for the Anglophone General Conference. 
“The promoters are solely motivated by their desire to end the sufferings which the Anglophone crisis is causing to the population of the Southwest and Northwest regions and whose impact is beginning to be felt in other parts of the country. They are appealing to all inhabitants of the Northwest and Southwest regions, living in and out of the country to sacrifice and massively attend the conference so as to work collectively in the search for a definitive, lasting and satisfactory solution to the English-speaking problem and to the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon,” the organisers affirmed.
The college equally calls for the secession of hostilities between the military and armed groups in these regions, the abandonment of unjustified criminal proceedings, the release of persons currently detained in the context of the Anglophone crisis and facilitating the return of people who have been internally or externally displaced since October 2016.
Just halfway into the 2018-2019 academic year, these men of God regret the fact that most schools in the two English speaking regions are still close, a situation that penalises innocent children, deprive them of their right to education. Hence, the men of God are calling on government and all parties concerned to urgently create a way for a peaceful resumption of classes.
Earlier on, the president of the national Episcopal conference, his grace, Samuel Kleda, sign a message in which the men of God strongly denounced all forms of violence in these regions regardless of their origins. “Let us put an end to all forms of violence and stop killing one another! We are all brothers and sisters; let us retrace the path of dialogue, reconciliation, justice and peace.” The men of God pleaded. 
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