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During Kamto’s Press Conference: Angry Lawyer Says He Pulled Tchiroma Out Of Prison
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Posted on October 16, 2018, 2:41 pm
He was speaking in Douala, Thursday, October 11, during one of Maurice Kamto’s MRC party press conference to jubilate over Kamto’s victory in the elections. While unveiling Tchiroma’s humiliating past to the public, the famous Cameroonian lawyer popularly known as “Father of Cameroonian democracy” denounced all acts of hatred perpetrated by CPDM and its allies in an attempt to disrupt and attack Maurice Kamto during his conferences. He added that ELECAM should be the one meddling in the affairs of elections and not CPDM trying to stop them if at all they wish to celebrate their victory. 
This anger caused Yondo Black to reveal some of Tchiroma’s dirty past, here him “I pleaded for Issa Tchiroma to be removed from prison. It was also I who pleaded to get Garga Haman Adji out of jail. They had spent 5 years in prison without trial and they dare to say that Paul Biya is a legalist, that he respects the law. Be serious!” the embittered lawyer hammered, adding that after gaining their freedom when these people were given the opportunity to speak on television they arrogated the right to speak for themselves and not for us.
In his statement, he equally discouraged the issue of tribalism especially with those who questioned his support for Kamto, given that he is from the Littoral and Kamto is from the West.  “Never push for tribal hatred. I am Douala, I saw so many Douala who assaulted me saying that ‘’ you accepted that Maurice Kamto is president of Cameroon? ‘’ Is Kamto not a Cameroonian like me, in the world of democracy justice and fairness has to be accorded to whoever that wins, he added.
The relationship between the Minister of Communication and the former Bâtonnier dates back in 1984 where Tchiroma was suspected of being involved in the coup attempt that same year. Tchiroma was later arrested on April 16, 1984, and incarcerated in Kondengui Prison before being transferred to Yoko Prison. At his trial in a military court, he was defended by Yondo Black. It was only after six years in prison that Tchiroma was released, that was in 1990. And in those days of struggle, around the early 90s, Issa Tchiroma and Yondo Black used to work hand in glove with other members to form opposition parties before their separation.
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