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Akere’s Triumphant Entry To Limbe Ends in Fiasco
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Posted on October 1, 2018, 5:04 pm
The October 7 presidential hopeful from the Peoples Development Front Party, FDP succeeded to enter Limbe on Thursday, September 27, accompanied by a huge crowd of militants, supporters in a bike for their campaign session but finally saw their crusade rally dismantled by attackers. The rampage sent many on their heels as panic set in, forcing the campaign members to cancel the session. Akere Muna organised this seminar to set up new ways of protecting its supporters as well as avoid further troubles given the tensed atmosphere in the regions, the FDP leader told the CRTV.
The secessionists had previously banned any activity related to this election in the Northwest and South West regions, Akere Muna’s plan to enter Limbe was forbidden even though he was invited by Prince Ekosso to convey his message to the local population. 
The presidential aspirant who doubles as leader of the NOW movement party pulled a large crowd of bike riders in Limbe to support him in his campaign activities. Akere Muna’s campaign mission in Limbe came five days after that launched in Yaounde, where he stressed on the fact that,“this year is a year of hope because a great majority of Cameroonians have said that enough is enough, they have decided to take their destiny into their hands,” Akere Muna who had promised to lead the country towards a new republic believes that with his experiences and trust, he is better placed to handle the affairs and grievances of the state. Notably, eradicating corruption, building good governance, enhancing growth and above all solving the crisis in the two English speaking regions of the country, Akere Muna outlined during the launch of his campaign.
Barrister Akere Muna despite the ban and threats from the English-speaking zones was courageous enough to storm the area and carry out his campaign in the region to an extent. Akere Muna initially wanted to rally the youths to work with him for change as he did during his campaign in Yaounde. “I too am a man of hope, I agree that the time has come for us to build a new Cameroon, I believe that Cameroonians deserve better. That is why I am running for president,” he said.
Supporters say even if the meeting in Limbe did not succeed as planned, the presidential aspirant remains the first candidate to have spearheaded an open-air meeting in one of the two restive regions of the country.
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