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Children Drilled On The Importance of Water, Trees to Agriculture
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Posted on September 28, 2018, 4:15 pm
According to the Director of the Resource Centre for Sustainable Development (RECESD), water obtained from rain is very important to livestock farmers as well as fish farming. The irrigation process is nothing without water, Mr Nkeng told the population of the Southwest.  He added that the conservation of water is important and enhance the presence of the precious liquid all season round. There is, therefore, the need to identify our water sources and further make sure they are protected.
 Water, on the other hand, is colourless, tasteless and odourless, needed for the survival of plants and animals. He continuous, this can be possible if the public is sensitised and cautioned on the need to use water responsibly. This is in part, the role of the water management bodies, the local council authorities and the media. The coming of community water even makes persons less cautious of the way they use water given that the community concerned gets water at an almost free expense. Once a sense of citizenship is imbibed in each and every one, then can we find people worry if there is an outburst of water flowing in their locality without the notion of the authorities that be, Mr Nkeng adds.
A good number of trees constitutes watershed. Watersheds purify water and act as channels that transport water. Trees with long tap roots which are not friendly should not be in watersheds. Trees make the environment fresh and are used to purify the air we breathe. This is so because they absorb carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis. So when we plant trees, it helps to loosen the soil and is hence good for agriculture. The roots of trees when they burrow into the soil help in areas that are watersheds. In compacted soil, trees are very important. Trees also purify the air.
  Just as water, trees are important too so once cut; there is a need to plant them. The planting of ornamental trees which are environment-friendly around our homes is a good idea. Such trees do not have long lateral roots. Trees also are sometimes planted to act as windbreaks and this makes the crops planted not to be damaged. The planting of trees, especially in arid areas, help the sand dunes in these areas, so they become sheds or shelter beds. However, some trees to him are disadvantageous to man. A Boma tree, for example, should not be planted around the house. 
Dominic Nkeng is of the opinion that, the parliament should make sure they implement and why not respect the stringent laws put in place against the cutting of endangered tree species, making sure that no one is above the law. Orchard and recreational centres must be allotted in our municipalities as well as an allocation of space for tree planting. This falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Urban Development and Town Planning in Cameroon. 
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