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Basic Education Minister Cracks Down on 177 Illegal Schools
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Posted on August 24, 2018, 2:08 pm
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In a decree signed by the minister on July 18, the 177 private schools mapped out for closure for lack of acts of creation and opening are not authorised to operate till further notice. The yearly operation to crack down on illegal schools across the national territory indicated that four regions, namely the Center, Littoral, West and Southwest regions are at the forefront of these structures.
Meanwhile, The Littoral region takes the lead with more than 115 out of the 177 schools banned from operating. The highest number has so far been registered in Douala III where 76 schools will be shunned by parents. Citing the Cité Berge neighbourhood for example where “La Samaritaine” I and II have among other schools been banned. Moreover, In New Deido, the bilingual Zina International School is also amongst those forbidden. In Ndogpassi, the “Lotus d’Ananda Marga” bilingual school and “Stakis la Citoyenne,” as well as the “Solidarity” and “Sikoum” in Edea, have been grounded.
As for the Center region, 18 structures are on the list of the minister’s crackdown. Citing the Manguiers neighbourhood in Yaounde where institutions like the “Little Angels” school complex and the “Lema” bilingual nursery and primary school have been penalised. In the Oyom-Abang neighbourhood, the English section of the private secular school “Tecla” has been banned. At Mvog-Mbi, the nursery cycle of the secular private school “Mvogo Melingui” is no longer allowed to function. And in Nkolmesseng, the bilingual school group “The Grace” has no approval. In the Haute Sanaga division, two establishments are to be shut down including la “Dignité” and “Henri Michel,” precisely in Nkoteng. 
In the West Region, 24 structures have been banned while in the Southwest, 11 schools are on the list. The remaining six regions were systematically excluded from the minister’s ban. These and many others were the so many schools affected by Youssouf Hadidja’s crackdown before the start of the 2017/2018 academic year. For more details, parents should either go to the ministry of basic education or consult the website at www.minedub.com.
Going by a word of notice sounded by MINEDUB, the concerned structures can only resume work if and only if they fulfil the norms needed for recognition and or benefit from a declaration of creation and act of operation. 
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