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Cameroon And Their Concept Of Patriotism
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Posted on May 24, 2018, 1:06 pm

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Patriotism is often considered as a catalyst for economic development. The Cameroon national anthem on its part has always stood as a call for patriotism; veracity against disloyalty and corruption, but, some egoistic individuals who, instead of working for the development of the country, engage in self-enhancement through corruption.

Many think patriotism is meant for the youths often considered as “leaders of tomorrow.” President Paul Biya, on the eve of February 11, 2006, told the youths that there was a need for a new patriotism. Was this a clever admission of failure, an inability to forge the nation ahead after forty-five years of independence?

Patriotism which goes by an act of devoted love, support, and defense for one’s country usually expressed by participating in the democratic system of government is still farfetched in the country some observers acclaimed.

Patriotic citizens in Cameroon are divided into two; Egoistic patriots and patriots who are reformers. Patriotic reformers camouflage and make personal gains whereas his activities are contrary to his homily. For example, one will preach patriotism to his children studying abroad and all his embezzled money invested there. Who then does he claim to love, the fatherland? Those who love the fatherland without any cash for backup or employment opportunities to serve as evidence of reciprocal love turn to be more radical than rational given that the demands of their ID are not satisfied,” said Wirdin Blaise.

The spirit of doing a good thing for the benefit of the country is no longer in the minds of the citizens as Ajuah Fabrice affirmed adding that even those kept in places to make decisions for the country no longer care as he or she fights for his personal interest. “One often gets the citizens say “will the change start from me? As such the patriotic spirit is no longer there, all that matters now is survival. Cameroonians are not patriotic citizens rather I call them survival citizens,” he said.

Patriotism varies from one part of the country to another as Amos Muang Nsah expands. “In the North West and South West regions for example, patriotism can never be 100%, taking into consideration the ongoing crisis. Most youths have already been radicalized and are already glamouring for secession. With the Northern and Eastern regions considered to be the poorest regions, the youths have also joined groups that are in one way or the other against the principles of the state. Boko Haram because of the vulnerability of the youth have been radicalizing the youths. Same in the East region with a lot of armed groups. Moreover, the influx of refugees’ patriotism is gradually dying down,” he said.

To a greater extent many acts in the country portray lack of patriotism through embezzlement practices, laxity at work, fake certificates, corruption at the level of forces of law and order, as well as a corrupt educational system, Solomon Lewoh explained.

Looking at the current situation of Cameroon there is a civil war in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon with solutions still to be brought up, Vannessa Muloam hinted, “I must confess that most of our fellow Cameroonians have failed in this domain, because we cannot be patriotic while abducting and killing our fellow brothers and worst still stopping our younger ones from going to school.

In as much as many share the view that patriotism is not practised in the country, some still stand firm on the opinion that the spirit of patriotism is gaining grounds.

According to Tiku Emmanuel, Cameroonian people are patriotic and committed in the development of the nation and they respect public law and order. Not until now a segment of the population is agitating but because they have been pushed to the wall. Cameroonians are peace loving people with the progress of their nation at heart.

Looking at the military commitments in the Far North region as concerns the Boko Haram issue; we can say Cameroonians are patriotic. Also, the victory of the indomitable lions at the nation’s cup and CONAC’s effort to fight against corruptions portrays acts of patriotism in the country, Solomon Lewoh added.

Still going by Anissa Douanla, acts of patriotism can be drawn from unity that reigns among bike riders, AKA Okada men, who solemnly support each other even in wrongdoings. When we look at the society, one can see that even if the beggars on the street are not taken into a comfortable home, the concern for their daily bread is seen as people offer them money.

“Cameroonians are patriotic citizens, given past history, there has been a pattern of support of the country beginning with the fight for independence as a country in 1960. Cameroonians of the Northern and Southern Cameroon strive to be better and grow in unity. Those who go out for better education always return to rebuild the nation. With the current socio-political situation in the country, people are killed not because they committed a crime or were judged, but because they stood in opposition. Yet they are willing to die for a better course,” Ndifor Manna affirmed.





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