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Has Kondengui become the only price for embezzlement?
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Posted on April 24, 2018, 10:30 am
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The visas endorsed by the operation “sparrow hawk” are only issued to those who show proof of embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds and other issues related to corruption.

As a matter of facts, in the past years, these groups of people found guilty of looting from public coffers have often served their jail term, leave Kondengui central prison, then feed fat on the money as they regain freedom.

However, it appears the government concern has paid less attention in making efforts to retrieve the money. The government has in the past years inclined its decision to only punishing those found guilty of these ills, without asking them to pay back to the government’s coffers.

What therefore is the benefit of their detention to the government? This alone makes the opinion of those who think that people loot from public coffers because they know that spending years in Kondengui is the highest thing the government can do. As a consequence, they have nothing to be scared of, since their family members can visit them in prison. For those who have held good positions in the government, the treatment given to them in prison is even sometimes better than what some suffering free people confront in life.

In this light, it remains government’s responsibility to ensure that, a heavier price is levied to the culprits, which must be more than Kondengui. It is important that the government consider strategic means of recovering the money mishandled so that public projects are not intercepted by personal greed.

It is unfair for the victims of operation “sparrow hawk” to stay in Kondengui, but have assets everywhere while the government goes bankrupt and regularly become debtors to foreign banks. A pan-African professor once said that in Africa, corruption kills more the holocaust. His assumption was very true in cases where people steal from public coffers and they are not held at the throat to pay back the money.

This practice, mostly by high profile men in the government is the reason why most projects are started and never completed. They are the reason behind government’s inability to improve its public infrastructures and they are equally the reason why unemployment remains at its peak in Cameroon.

It is true, in accordance with legal provisions on embezzlement; they should be jailed as soon as they are found guilty of embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds or other corruption associated ills. It should be known that holding them in Kondengui benefits neither the state nor its citizen but retrieving the money benefits the state and its

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