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“Obstacles are our best teachers” AYI CHATOU INOUA
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Posted on April 24, 2018, 10:16 am

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Ayi Chatou INOUA

Ayi Chatou INOUA is a Cameroonian filmmaker who is renowned for her works in the Cameroon film industry. Born on the 26 July 1985, she is an unstoppable woman in the Cameroon film industry. Before becoming a filmmaker, she read political science in the University of Yaoundé II at Soa. She aborted her undergrad studies and moved on to South Africa and later to Ghana where she got engaged in modelling.

Then, she enrolled in the J3 Film Academy in Nigeria, where she obtained a masters in cinematography in 2014. Her passion and love for movies have kept her on the movie pitch as a producer and an actress.

On her filmography: Before enrolling in the J3 film academy in Nigeria, Ayi Chatou produced “Royal Destiny” in 2010, a film which featured Nigerian celebrities like Emeka Ike, Tonto Dikeh and a few others. Her second film as producer was in 2015, titled “LAUGH IT OUT”, a comedy piece featuring Cameroon’s artists like Moustik le Karismatik and Mballe Mballe.

Away from cinema, Ayi Chatou is CEO and Founder of an enterprise called “Minoua Diamond”. The enterprise is large in scope and offers a wide range of services like decorations and protocols.     She is a humble and fun-loving person, with a Cameroonian/ Nigerian flowing in her veins.

She has featured in many movies as an actress, citing “LAND OF THE SHADOW” by AGBOR GILBERT, “ROYAL DESTINY” and some others.

Her greatest challenge is working with people of low spirit and also her personal challenge of sometimes conceiving great ideas with inadequate finances. Her prioritized achievements are the successes she has recorded in making a name in the film industry as a producer and an actress.

“If you got a dream, let nothing like a challenge, stop you, for one discovers his/her strength when you measure yourself with obstacles. Obstacles are our best teachers. Remember what doesn't kill you, strengthens you. Because in life, it’s not how fast you go but how far you reach, never give up. Do not compete with anyone in life, take your road, follow it and make it the best road ever, believe me even those who didn’t like the road will definitely follow you” is the message of Ayi Chatou Inoua passed through LeGideon.


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