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The dilemma at Ekounou market
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Posted on April 23, 2018, 1:19 pm
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The Ekounou Market in Yaounde-Cameroon

There is a traditional saying that, “he who carries intestines cannot avoid shit”. The Ekounou market seems to be in a case analogous to the quote above. The variety of food crops and other commodities sold in this market have become the intestines while the public garbage dumped in the market has become the shit.

The quantity of public garbage around most markets in Yaounde is a call for concern. The case in Ekounou has been used as an example, as poor waste disposal in Yaounde is a general problem. LeGideon toured the Ekounou market on Friday, 20 April 2018 and discovered a double –load garbage, dumped around the area where cloths, meat and other food stuffs are sold.

The impression these poorly discharged public waste gives foreigners kills the reputation of the country and the African continent as perceived by the west. There is no doubt that those of developed western countries know Africans as dirty people. This is a partial judgment but cases as these makes the impression a hundred percent true.

 What about the food crops that are being traded beside these public garbage which are meeting point and hot spots for most disease-causing insects? The lone sanitary company in the country, HYSACAM has been making efforts but they need to double. From an objective point of view, HYSACAM seems to have an insufficient working staff and this has made it impossible for them to work perfectly.

Also, the attitude of some civilians does not reflect those who want to comply with civic education. Whenever waste baskets are provided, people decide to discharge their waste anywhere without thinking about the hygiene of their surroundings deserve. This has often left waste littered in many places, especially those areas that are not seen as a priority.

In all these, the people still careless about the waste and buy their food stuffs beside the garbage. Tse-tse flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies and others feast on this waste, migrate and sit on commercial food products and sometimes leave bacteria on them. This is greatly seen where they sell meat, fish, tomatoes and other perishables. Buyers of these products especially in Ekounou fail to understand the health damage this may cause them.

The government on its side has equally given less concern in it and this has not given HYSACAM or other council sanitary units a need to keep the public space clean.

As the garbage in Ekounou market increases in tons, business keeps on flowing smoothly such that people even make sheds around the garbage. This raises calls for a vital need for sanitary campaign in public spaces especially in markets like Ekounou. Otherwise, people will continue to buy disease infected food stuffs, thus making their health more vulnerable after consuming the foods.


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