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US Nominee Ambassador to Cameroon Gay Status Sparks Controversy
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Posted on June 10, 2021, 12:00 am
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Cameroonians has frowned at the newly elected US Ambassador to Cameroon, Christopher John Lemora who is gay saying that among other reason, the move  is one of US’s strategies to “promote their dirty culture” in Cameroon.

Reports show that Christopher who has been confirmed by US Senate as the new US Ambassador to Cameroon is a member of the LGBT community and a wife in his marital home.

Christopher John Lemora

Since the decision to send a gay as an Ambassador to Cameroon follows the latest detention of homosexuals in Cameroon which was highly criticized by the US, Cameroonians’ thoughts might be entertained for a near truth. Shakiro and co were condemned and sent to Kondengui prison over the same cause.

Cameroon’s commenting on the move has these to say. Mirabelle Mirash wrote, “They want to promote their dirty culture. [It is] left to Africans if they should approve or not.” She believes that the government of Cameroon “has the right to reject this dude” and if they allow him “then it's a shame” she added.


Enow Rizer lamented, “Isssssssh”!  To him westerners have no “respect for our laws” but “expect Africans to respect theirs” and this to him is “crazy”.

To Ngomi Didier, it is obvious that the US wants to use him “to promote gay in Cameroon.” because, they “don't care about our laws or customs”. All they care about is seeing their “plans being manifested in Africa”. As such, “Cameroon must decide” for this is a well “calculated move by the shameless government of Mr Biden.”

Shakiro Co

They are “all struggling to make legal their dirty an immoral culture in Cameroon after the case of the two rebels that were caught in Douala” Mbah Don Moen Ishmael wrote.

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