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SOSUCAM: Staff Representatives Report Dismissal of 250 Permanent Employees to Labor Minister
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Posted on June 10, 2021, 9:56 am
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Following the dismissal of over a quarter of SOSUCAM’s (Société Sucrière du Cameroun) permanent employees over professional incompetence, the staff representatives have reported the matter to the Minister of Labour and Social security stating the unprofessional way it was done, the violation of rights and violation of some Cameroonian labor codes.

SOSUCAM: Staff Representatives Report Dismissal of 250 Permanent Employees to Labor Minister

Reports show that the staff representatives were informed on June 7th, 2021 and the decision took effect on June 8th, 2021.Over the said professional incompetence, out of the 1,117 permanent workers, SOSUCAM has laid off 250 of them.

In the report to the Minister the representatives indicated that it was during the monthly statutory meetings that SOSUCAM “repeatedly reported about the supposedly poor financial health of the company” which intend led to the dismissal of these workers.

SOSUCAM’s (Société Sucrière du Cameroun)

Now having to inform them of such a decision on the evening of June 7th only for it to take effect on June 8th violated “articles 158 to 164 of the labor code dealing with the conciliation and arbitration required in such cases but also in violation of the circular n° 03/MTPS/SG/DT of November 2, 1993, regulating economic lay-offs” the report indicated.


SOSUCAM grows 46,207 acres of sugar cane plantations located on two sugar manufacturing sites, namely M’Bandjock and N’Koteng. It produces 130,000 tons of sugar canes every year in compliance with the quality requirements of the ISO 9001 certification, version 2000, which was received in 2009 and is renewed every two years.

SOSUCAM’s (Société Sucrière du Cameroun)

Now owned by the SOMDIAA Group, a French company, which holds 72.72% of its stock, SOSUCAM was created in 1965. SOSUCAM’s corporate headquarters are located in Yaoundé.

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