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Cameroonians Blast Human Rights Watch Report on Homosexuality
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Posted on April 15, 2021, 12:00 am
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The 2021 report from the Human Rights Watch – HRW depicting the arbitrary arrest and threats on suspects of homosexuality and gender non-compliance persons in Cameroon has received a serious backlash from some young Cameroonians on social media platforms.

According to the report, ′′Cameroonian security forces have arbitrarily arrested, beaten or threatened at least 24 persons suspected of homosexuality or gender non-compliance, since February 2021.”

Neela Ghoshal

Commenting on the post on the afrik-inform.com Facebook page, Ézéchiel Sanama said these people have been given to the HRW. He urged them to take them to their own country, “We give them to you, go with them to your country” Sanama wrote.

While another commenter Jetro Mboyom says he is with the security forces as they fight against this plague in these words, “On point I'm with the security forces we have to suppress this plague”, Mengue Olivier congratulated the efforts. To him the security forces need to step up arrests to eliminate this phenomenon.

“I congratulate Cameroonian security forces we need to step up arrests to eradicate this evil phenomenon in our country” commented Olivier.


To the HRW on its Wednesday statement, the arrests and abuse of these persons are raising concerns over increase in anti-LGBT persecution in the country. The statement partly reads, “These recent arrests and abuse are causing serious concern over the rise in anti-LGBT persecution in Cameroon.”

HRW Deputy Director of LGBT Division, Neela Ghoshal holds that laws criminalizing gay behaviors are a threat to LGBT persons because they put them at risk of mistreatment, torture and assaults with perpetrators going free.

Hear her, “The law that criminalizes gay behavior puts LGBT people at higher risk of being mistreated, tortured and assaulted without any consequences for The perpetrators of these acts.′′

Article 347-1 of Cameroon law prohibits sexual relations with a person of the same sex with a penalty between six months to five years imprisonment, as well as a fine of up to 200.000 FCFA. The law is framed in gender neutral terms and therefore applies to sexual relations between men and between women.


Though Article 347-1 of Cameroon law prohibits sexual relations with a person of the same sex, having a penalty between six months to five years imprisonment, as well as a fine, the rate of homosexuality keeps soaring. The recent renowned case is that of the three homosexuals at the new bell central prison in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

They were accused of homosexual malpractices and among them was Shakiro, a popular Cameroonian cross dressers. Beside advertising hair, makeup products for women and dressing like them, he has in the years learned to walk and talk like ladies. Though he argues that he is a man, his movements and activities are feministic than masculine. Having been suspected of homosexuality, he was arrested alongside two others.

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