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Cameroon: Minister Obam’s Choice of Uniform Color for Municipal Police Becomes Comic Relief
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Posted on April 8, 2021, 12:30 pm
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There is call from the Cameroonian Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam which has not only cause a stir but has become a comic relief for those who have come across.

Which police force dare wear purple color for a uniform!? This is a question pouring from many lips as the Minister tries to solve confusion between a national and municipal police by choosing purple color for the municipal police.

Minister Obam

According to the communique, he has commanded that Senior Divisional Officers - SDOs at their respective area of command should change the black uniform the municipal police agents wear. Why some question if this is a task for governors not SDOs, others say the Minister simply wants fame.

“Instructing an official of the territorial administration to take action on issues concerning the ministry of decentralization and you are the minister of decentralization. Please sir, what is your job description?” questions Gola J Claude.

The Minister’s decision, as highlighted on the communiques is influenced by the fact that when these agents from two different levels wear the same uniform, it causes confusion of identity. As such on his instruction, municipal police agents will hence dress in purple jackets. These jackets will contain only the name of the local council or city council where the agent serves.

Cameroon National Police

Find here some comments from Facebook users

Diangha Mih wrote, “Minister of tailors association… {laughs}

Ete Julie wrote, “No no Msr le minister, it should be yellow like security guard.”

Pierre Osaze commented, “Is that the job of the Mayor or SDO?”

Nkemlepo Bertrand Chiamo wrote, “They have even started receiving bribe”

“Mr Minister is that the problem youths in Cameroun are facing, ‘abeg live pipo’ with unnecessary adjustment” commented Adeline Mbah.

Cameroon municipal police

 “They were fast passing for national police officers committing crimes everywhere.” wrote Kini Looh Polycarp

To Benjamin Nah, it is a “Very good decision Mr Minister.” His wishes that the Minister of “transport could to do same so that motor-taxi could be differentiated from personal motor bikes.”

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