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And, Finally, the Sun Rose on Him
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Posted on February 13, 2018, 11:56 am
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“Good morning, sir. Sorry, we are not in the mood to sit down. You are under arrest.” Producing and arrest warrant.
“I know. I have been expecting you since yesterday. What kept you so long?” 
“It’s a matter of procedure. Some things had to be sorted out first.”
“I understand. Are you sure you won’t share a cola nut with us before we move off? Aren’t we brothers? At least we are all Africans let’s share in my cola nut and then after you can take me away.”
Wonderful civility, the inspector thinks. “Well, constables, the day is still young. What have we to lose if we sipped a glass or two of wine? Let’s see what our culprit friend has for us.” 
Ndemafia shows them seats. “Anyi dear,” calling out to his second wife who’s in her bedroom. “We have guests at last. Please bring some wine and cola nuts for them.” Then he turns to the policemen “Finally I have fallen into your net, no?” 
“Mr. Ndemafia,” the inspector responds. “I’m sure you’ve heard the idiom ‘one day sun go shine’ countless times.”
“Sure, and I’m ready to accept the outcome.” 
The cola nut is brought, broken, and shared and washed down with a glass of whisky.
“Now, gentlemen,” says the inspector briskly, standing up. “Let’s be on our way!”
A scene was already building up in front of Ndemafia’s house. Anutu had decided not to go along with the police to arrest Ndemafia. He stayed back in a liqueur shop about a hundred meters away from Ndemafia’s house. He was bragging how he had finally caught Ndemafia with his hand in the pot of soup.  When the police did not immediately come with Ndemafia as Anutu had expected he drove to Ndemafia’s house. The police officers and Ndemafia met with Anutu just on the doorsteps. 
 “You, you…” Anutu points a wicked and trembling finger at Ndemafia. “You… you. This is just sunrise. Be ready to eat my daughter raw if she dies.”
A small curious crowd is already gathering. Anutu turns to the crowd as if seeking for sympathy “This is a man who called me thief and all sorts of disgusting names. Now he has the balls to sleep with my daughter and then give her drugs to do abortion.” Of course, the last part of his accusation is a lie. Turning back to Ndemafia, “I told you that one day the sun will shine. Get ready for the heat!”
To the officers “Gentlemen, I am ahead.” So, saying he climbs into his jeep, a black Pajero, slams the door close, and drives off. Spirals of dust whirl up to the sky as Anutu speeds away.
“Don’t handcuff him,” the inspector says as one of his assistants tries to handcuff Ndemafia. “He has not shown any resistance.”
“What a great fall! Mst.” a man in the crowd exclaims. 
“The government can now breathe,” adds another.
The police walk with Ndemafia to their van parked at the entrance to his yard. His wives and children all come out. Some of them run to the police van and try to block the door. Some sympathetic neighbors step forward and lead the sorrow-stricken family back into the house. The police van speeds off. 
Ndemafia’s fame as teacher and politician was known within Ngong and far beyond to other parts of the country. He was known for his oratory, wit, and arrogance towards his political opponents. Ndemafia used to write editorials for The Voice Newspaper. The newspaper usually sold out during election time because of his biting editorials. One day after Ndemafia’s arrest, The Voice has run an unflattering editorial and dedicated two pages to the Ndemafia story. The front page carries Ndemafia’s picture taken at one of his campaign rallies two years ago. And the title reads: “Caught in bed with his own students, pants down.” Vendors are selling at double the price, yet they have already run out of stock. 
 “This paper has not even said it all,” one lanky guy is saying to a company of idlers in front of a news stand. “I have it from a very reliable source that in addition to the two students, he also impregnated two teachers including the white principal who has been sent back to Switzerland to avoid a scandal.”
“He must have a spring in his waist to be that great at it!” adds another cynic. The company laughs.
“Ah, I forgot one thing. One of the teachers is the wife of the police chief for Aleambin.”
“That man has used a bamboo pole to lure a snake into his own house!”
Ndemafia’s political party had met in an extraordinary session and roundly condemned his crimes. 
“Yet, we cannot just turn our face away from him,” says one of the district politburo members.
“There’s nothing we can do, comrades. We must be careful not to drag the party into his follies,” Says Nchare.
“Well, his fall is our fall. We are already mired in his follies. I’m only asking that we give him whatever support we can afford.”
“Like what?” Ngangtanu asks.
“We have to provide him with the best lawyers to ensure that he receives a fair trial. I hear that Anutu is already promising hail and brimstone.”… 
The village elders meet under the chairmanship of Mbeven.
“He is still our son even though he scorned the crown we offered him,” Mbemba concurs to Mbeven’s proposal that they should do something to help Ndemafia out.
“We must send the hawk away before scolding the chicks for going astray,” Fonuja adds his assent to it.
“What do we do then? Many ask in chorus. After a moment of silence during which the elders think hard, Mbeven speaks.
“Two of the girls are our children. I hear they are children of the same vagina.”
“Yes, I hear that Anutu and Alongatu have the same great grandmother or so.”
“Ok so we’ll send a delegation to meet Alongatu and Anutu. What about that Ngangnkap in Mbincho?” Kimaze asks. 
“The Fon of Mbincho is our son-in-law. We can plead with him to prevail upon his subject to accept an out of court settlement. Somebody told me that Ngangnkap is a maternal relative of the Fon.”
Unfortunately, the elders did not know that the battle was a clash of the titans. Ngangnkap like Anutu was a staunch supporter of the party in power. This often helped him evade a lot of taxes. Alongatu as a military captain was supposed to be non-partisan, but he owed his promotion to the party hierarchy. The party has given them strict instructions not to accept any out of court arrangements. And they keep to the instructions with an ultra-religious fervor.
“Well, God knows we tried to help him. His fall is our fall. He is still part of this tribe, remember,” Mbeven tells Alongatu and Anutu.
“Our fathers, it’s a pity I cannot help you. Imagine your only daughter’s future destroyed by a reckless man calling himself a teacher! And then he has the guts to do that to my brother’s daughter too. This is double insult!” Alongatu is now shaking with rage.
“My fathers, I don’t know if any of you has been to the hospital to see my daughter,” Anutu says. “If so then you would not be here asking me for forgiveness. Her life is on the balance now. And even if she recovers, what future is there for her? The medicine he concocted for her to abort the pregnancy has done its worse. My brother has spoken our mind. We have said no.” Of course, Anutu and Alongatu cannot tell the elders that they are being remote controlled from above.
The elders pick up their walking sticks, fold their wrappers around their waists and file out one by one. Once outside, Mbeven spits out the wormwood he has been chewing since he got up early in the morning. He walks over to a public tap and washes his mouth. He sprays out the water from his mouth, draws mucus from his nostrils into his mouth and spits it on the leaves of a guava three near the tap, clears his throat and gives the concluding statement. “There is no need to go to Mbincho. We have failed at home.”
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