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TRADITION VS CHRISTIANITY: Christians, Religious at Loggerheads over Cardinal Tumi’s Traditional Honor
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Posted on March 16, 2021, 11:33 am
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Following the traditional honour of Christian Cardinal Tumi by the Nso community in Grand Hangar, Douala, last week, there has been a social media cold war between converts and traditional believers on his strength and limitation, and influence as a man of God.

The title traditionally conferred on the Catholic Cardinal, Christian Cardinal Tumi at Lav Mfuh, Grand Hanger Bonaberi was Shufaay Kintam. In Lamnso, the dialect of the Nso people from where the Cardinal hails, “Kintam” means, the cross. So many believed that there was an understanding of who he truly is as a man of God before being given the title.

Cardinal Tum given Traditional  tittle

Conferring him with this recent title makes the 90-year-old Cardinal who remains one of the most celebrated indigenes of Nso Land, both a traditional and religious authority.

To some critics, as a man of God, he ought to not yield to such traditional titles for it defiles Christian norms but to others, it is normal because it was not characterized with terrible traditional sacrifice. Nevertheless, some people term it a catholic thing and to some Catholicism are nothing less than tradition and that is why it is normal to some Catholics that this honor was conferred on him.

One Facebook user who commented on the video from the event said, “Catholicism isn't separated from idol worship” but when the revival break into the Catholic Church “many among them will be saved in Jesus name.” This comment caused a riffle because many questioned why he generalized judgement. Quoting the bible another said as a true Christian he claims to be, he was not even supposed to comment talk less of concluding judgement of millions of people.

Cardinal Tumi receives traditional title in Douala

Questioning the above commenter if he could differentiate between idol worship and traditional lifestyle, another one wrote, “Can you differentiate between idol worship and traditional lifestyle? So if you see me coming to your church with my Northwestern regalia or Southwestern sanja style of dressing you will term me a pagan abi?” he questioned. 

Quoting the case of the Jews where Jesus himself practised tradition, yet a commenter wrote…“even the Jews had their tradition which Jesus himself respected, like washing a stranger’s feet and oiling.”

“In Africa tradition is welcomed in the Catholic Church because they [are] out for humanitarian activities, you Pentecostals you hate your tradition, what have you become…” another person questioned a biased commenter.

According to another person, God came to man’s aid but the false doctrine has infiltrated everything. Here is what he wrote, “…God Came to our aid false teaching and false doctrine has infiltrated your people. We spend our time interpreting and condemning others without an understanding of the system they operate in but base our facts on mate imagination.”

Cardinal Tumi

To him, “King David was a traditional ruler, King Solomon was a traditional ruler and many others.” so why judge people for a good tradition of honour and respect.

Despite all criticism, the cardinal is a true lineage to the succession of Peter the apostle, one of the commenters believes. He wrote “…the great man of God is doing a spot check of his people before his time up, you fought a good but lengthy fight, I thank God for giving u long life. Truly you are lineage to the succession of Peter the apostle, you are the chosen one.”

Meanwhile, going out of the debate on Christianity and tradition another person urges the cardinal to react and save his people amid the ongoing war, for it is not yet too late. “Cardinal Tumi [it] is about time you stand for your people and stop this drama. You now live in Douala like a refugee. It's not too late to do the right thing!” he cautioned.

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