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GBHS Kribi: Journalist almost Traded Own Life for Interview on Leaked Sex tape
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Posted on March 4, 2021, 9:32 am
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A correspondent for Vision 4, Jean Claude Kamta has received bleeding blows from teachers of the Government Bilingual High School GBHS Kribi as he tried to get information on the leaked sex tape of students making rounds on social media.

It was yesterday, Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 that the correspondent was attacked surprising not by involved students but teachers who are supposed to be responsible examples for their students.

GBHS Kribi: Journalist almost Traded Own Life for Interview on Leaked Sex tape

The incidents have placed questions where they have not been since the videos and pictures surfaced online. Questioning on what grounds teachers will do that, critics have said active teachers in the attack of the correspondent should be held as accomplices of the recorded deviant act from the school. What if they conducted and even filmed, they have question. Where were they as teachers the whole time when these acts of deviant behaviors took over the class? many equally question.

According to reports, it was when he presented himself on campus as a journalist coming to investigate sex scandal rocking the institution that they pounced on him leaving him with wounds and bleeding.

GBHS Kribi: Journalist almost Traded Own Life for Interview on Leaked Sex tape

Recently this educational institution in Kribi, South West Region of Cameroon has recorded controversial stories, and unbelievably that of obscene images and videos of students making love, even with same sex against the law of Cameroon.

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