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Cameroon: Chris Anu Declared Persona Non Grata in Lebialem
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Posted on February 19, 2021, 10:25 am
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“Enough is enough…Lebialem Says No to Terrorism” said the elites and chiefs of Lebialem, South West Region of Cameroon as they turned out at the National Meseum, Yaounde on February 16th, 20201 to denounce separatist atrocities in their native village.

Lebialem protest

This outing was led by the Minister Delegate at the Ministery of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Paul Tassong who is a native of Lebialem.

The protest and consequent banishment of Christopher Anu Fobeneh was prompted by the recent killing of three Lebialem chiefs (Chiefs Fualasoeh Peter, Formin Benedict, and Simon Forzi) in Essoh-Ettah by suspected separatist fighters under the leadership of Oliver Lekeaka alias Field Marshal.

According to the protesting elites, Field Marshal takes instructions from his elder brother Christopher Anu Fobeneh who is Secretary for Communication and IT at the Ambazonia Interim Government.

Lebialem protests against separatist atraocities

Speaking on behalf of his people, Minister Paul Tasong passed a strong message to the culprits of this act, directing special warning to Chris Anu and his brother Field Marshal as he addressed him on Camera.

“Chris Anu, I want to tell you this, that we have collectively banished you from Lebialem. That you will never set foot on Lebialem soil anymore…“Chris, I want to let you know and ask you to stop wasting your time on your Facebook Republic refuting the acts you so carefully planned with your brother Lekeaka on February 13, 2021,” Minister Tasong sounded.

The minister urged the entire Lebialem population to decry so loud these atrocities such that their cries reach the United States where the Ambazonia Interim government is believed to be residing.

lebialem protest at Yaounde Meseume

“I am asking the people of Lebialem to shout at the top of their voices until the authorities of the land where you live to hear our cry,” said.

Beyond that, the Minister mentioned Cameroon’s ties with the US, calling on them to remember the friendship and seize to harbor perpetrators of human right abuses.

“The US cannot harbor without remorse, a man, Pastor for that matter, who has not only gone wayward but together with his band of rogues, sponsors and directs horrendous and unspeakable acts of violence against the Cameroonian people,” he reaffirmed.


The end to the Anglophone conflict remains shallow as it continues to deepen while personal grudges and settlement of scores step in among the divided locals.

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