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Child Abuse Surges in Cameroon
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Posted on January 20, 2021, 11:14 am
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As the global rate of child abuse continues to expand, Cameroon is not left out from its scaling graph of this social ill.

Child abuse has in the recent years drastically become alarming in Cameron. It is constantly being reported on. However, the State’s punishment for this social ill is not publicly known to many. Also, the social affaire ministry’s stand on it is as well unclear.

no to child abuse

It has been established that, parents of victims sometimes fear to report and bring perpetrators of such abuse to justice for fear of losing custody of own children. This is because in some cases it is one of the parent or guardian of the victim

Recently, a man was seen on a viral video torturing and almost drowning his seven year old step son in a drum of water in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon. According to local reports, the person who filmed the man said he knew the repercussions if the perpetrator were to see the filming process. However, given that the seven-year-old has been enduring such and many more brutal corrections, the right thing needed to be done. He needed immediate intervention.

According to other neighbors who have been witnessing this dreadful act, Kom Gabriel, as the perpetrator was identified has repeatedly been torturing his step son, Joakim in this drum of water and in many other ways for a long time. The maltreatment which also included chaining the child and leaving him to go hungry had also caused the kid to always go out begging for food.

Child labor

For any little mistake the child committed, the stepfather will handle him as if he were an animal, local sources revealed.  As seen on the video, the child cried and pleaded but he instead tied him and threw back in the drum of water where he had been torturing and beating the child with the head inside the water. The treatment has also affected the child’s educational performances, his teachers and related sources confirmed.

In all of this, Gabriel’s justification was that the child's waywardness prompted his action. It was said that having broadcasted on news television channels and social media platforms, Cameroon Minister of Social Affairs was already well informed as far as the incident is concerned.

, Kom Gabriel torturing stepson Joakim

However, the whereabouts of the perpetrator and the abused child as of now has not been publicly made known. But for Joakim’s well-wishers and sympathizers call for justice to be saved, the perpetrator punished accordingly and the child placed under good care.

The phenomenon of Child abuse has become a very common condition in homes, some emergency centers, and even some schools in Cameroon. However its knowledge and management remains lukewarmly handled.

Among the four main types of child abuse, physical, sexual, emotional, neglect common in Cameroon, physical, and sexual are at higher rates than the others. The physical abuse which sometimes results to emotional abuse can include: hitting, choking, smothering, throwing, burning, poisoning, or like in Joakim’s case, biting, and using physical restraints.

According to CRUX’s September 2019 report, over half of children in Cameroon face different types of abuse at different levels with “children with disabilities suffering proportionally far worse.”

In the studied population of 2.05% in the incidence of sexual abuse, the victims were made up of more girls than boys, “95.2% vs 4.8%. Assault usually occurred during prepuberty (41.4%) and puberty (20.2%). However, a non-negligible number of cases, all involving girls occurred before the age of 10 years (29.8%)”, according to an extract from an article on Sexual abuse in children in Cameroon from the website of the National Library of Medicine.

Sexual and physical child abuses have been labelled as common presentations in both prehospital and emergency centre settings across the globe.

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