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Child Abuse, Domestic Violence Feared over Surge in DNA Testing
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Posted on January 20, 2021, 12:00 am
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In the past week since the beginning of 2021, the call and encouragement for the carrying out of DNA tests has intensified following shocking discovery. However, it is feared that it might be a home breaker via child abuse and domestic violence.

DNA Testing

The call which has gone viral on social media platforms has caused many untold stories to be told. It was been used by many for fun but for others it might turn serious but in some parts of the world, how fast and possible can one do a reliable DNA and gain a timely result, many question.

Report DNA

The recent drastic rise in child abuse in the world has been partly blamed on the drastic increase in DNA tests carried today. As such, while highlighting the difficulties poor income earners in countries with limited health advancement might face while trying to do the DNA test, critics believe that its enforcement can also be disastrous in the family life realm. This is because it might lead to domestic violence and even child abuse once negative results are achieved.

DNA Testing

In the health technological level 2021 is a year of breakthrough for them as more effective DNA testing kits have been put in in place.


According to Verywell Health, Some of the Best DNA Testing Kits of 2021include; Best for Ancestry: "Accurate testing results paired with more opportunities to discover and connect with potential family members."; Best for General Health: which "Provides an accurate baseline of important general health data so you can determine if further medical testing is worth your time and money." ;Best for Serious Genealogy, good"For those who want to dig a bit deeper into where they come from and who their long lost relatives are."; Best Affordable: which "Utilizes a huge global database to match you with potential relatives at an affordable price."; and Best for Food Sensitivities which "The results include a comprehensive breakdown of which foods could be creating unwanted physical reactions in your body."

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