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Cameroon: Security Reinforced in Major Cities Ahead of Festivities.
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Posted on December 18, 2020, 12:54 pm
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The government has decided to reinforce security in major cities of Cameroon ahead of end-of-year festivals. This measure aims at allowing the population to spend the December holidays in peace and serenity.

Security Reinforced in Major Cities Ahead of Festivals

The security officers have been deployed by the General Delegation for National Security (DGSN). This was announced on December 17th, 2020.

As the population is bracing up for the feast days, the law enforcement officials reveal that crime wave is equally gaining steam in the urban areas as ever the case, thus the need for security measures to be put in place.


The measures in place as revealed by Antoine Etouh Ngoti, the Head of the audiovisual programs section at the national security these measures includes; reinforcements in the police units, CCTV cameras for credible investigations, free toll numbers 1500 and 117 to speed up interventions, regional public road and traffic groups to facilitate traffic flow.

“The second category of Police units such as the Central Command of Mobile Intervention Groups (CCGMI) and special units such as the Special Operations Group (GSO) are on the move,” he added while speaking to Le Messager.

Security Reinforced in Major Cities Ahead of Festivals

Patrols are already turning around neighborhoods and other areas suspected to be hideouts for men of the underworld, the security personnel has therefore called on the population to collaborate and not to be afraid of the security forces.

“Do not be afraid, on the contrary, be reassured for your safety and alert the police you meet as soon as possible. Motorized and pedestrian patrols get closer to you to serve you better. Police operations like closures and raids will multiply. We are not going to reveal everything, but you can see that several security systems of the National Security are in motion for the needs of the cause. Have your National Identity Cards, go out when it's useful, respect the anti-covid19 barrier measures to end the year in style,” he explained.


Meanwhile, motorbikes have already been prohibited from some localities as they are believed to be used this period by bandits to facilitate their dubious acts.

In Douala, the Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri has prohibited the circulation of bikes from the Bonanjo and Bonapriso localities as from 7pm to 6am. Meanwhile, hand bags were recently prohibited from bars and other public places following recent cases of explosives in the city.

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