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Cameroon: French Deputy Wants Biya to Publish Results of Findings Around Wazizi’s Death
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Posted on December 17, 2020, 3:27 pm
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French Deputy Sébastien Nadot on his twitter page, Wednesday December 16th, 2020 urged Cameroon’s head of state, President Paul Biya to publish facts surrounding the death of late journalist Samuel Wazizi who died under detention in Yoaunde, Center Region.

French Deputy Sébastien Nadot

The official’s message follows results of investigations regarding the journalist’s death that was published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an organization that defends the rights of journalists around the world.

“The journalist’s death was announced in June 2020, more than 10 months after the events. His family was never informed. 14 hearings were held before the Cameroonian justice when the journalist was already dead. The journalist would have died on August 17, 2019 from a generalized infection a few days after his transfer to a military unit, when he was in perfect health and did not suffer from any pathology at the time of his arrest,” RSF recounted.

Samuel Wazizi

According to findings made by the organ, photos of the journalist taken during his detention show several injuries signifying that the media personnel had incurred some torture. 

“The journalist’s body was not returned to his family and had not undergone an autopsy when the death was confirmed. There are too many gray areas for the Cameroonian authorities to remain silent,” RSF maintains.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

“More than 6 months after the announcement confirming the death in detention of journalist Samuel Wazizi, the president @PR Paul Biya has received the conclusions of the promised investigation. @RSF inter and ACAT France request their publication,” RSF also tweeted.

Thanking RSF for the findings, French deputy has therefore demanded that the President of the Republic should publish the results of the investigation that he himself had commissioned after the announcement of the reporter’s death.

Samuel Wazizi

“Thank you @RSF for clarifying the facts following the publication of the results of the investigation requested by the President of the Republic Paul #Biya,” Mr. Nadot wrote on his Twitter page.

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